Newsletter Archive

September 2009 ( download PDF → )
  • President's Message: Decision Making Process for SFCP, by Mardi Horowitz, MD
  • President's Report to the Business Meeting of 2009: The Management Team, by Mardi Horowitz, MD
  • Treasurer's Report, by Marc Zussman, MD
  • Bad News, Good News, by Sandra Schaaf, MA
  • New Analyst Members Elected to Board of Trustees, by Erik Gann, MD
  • Training Division News, by Mary Margaret McClure, DMH
  • Faculty Retreat — Save the Date, by Phyllis Cath, MD
  • Community Members Update, by Renee Spencer, MFT and Vittorio Comelli, PsyD
  • 46th Congress of the International Psychoanalytic Association, Chicago, July 29 - August 1, 2019, by William Glover, PhD
  • Access Institute honors Robert and Judith Wallerstein: Pioneers in Psychology Research, Training and Service, by Alix Sabin
  • Remembering ... Earl Simburg, MD and Virginia Simburg, by Jeffrey Miller
  • Windholz Memorial Fund Awards, by Joseph Caston, MD
  • Painting to Live: Art from Okinawa's Nishimui Artist Society, 1948 - 1950, by Jeffrey Miller
  • SFCP Teaching, by John Hagelis, PhD
  • SFCP TEaching, by Annie Sweetnam, PhD
  • In Memoriam: Eva Maria Spitz-Blum, PhD (1919 - 2009), by Mali Mann, MD
  • Library News, by Susanna Bonetti
  • Awards/Appointments: Karim Dajani, PsyD, Lee Grossman, MD, Mali Mann, MD, Janice Mill, PhD and Neil Talkoff, PhD
  • Presentations: Mary Brady, PhD, Robin Deutsch, PhD, Mali Mann, MD, William Stover, PhD, Marina Mankaryous, Michael Smith, PhD and Mitchell Wilson, MD
  • Publications: Tamara McClintock Greenberg, PsyD, Patricia Marra, MFT, Israel Katz, MD and Mitchell Wilson, MD