Emanuel Windholz Memorial Fund for Psychoanalytic Research

The Emanuel Windholz Fund is accepting applications for small grant proposals up to $30,000. The deadline for grant proposals in September 1, 2014. Funding decisions will be made by October 15, 2016. All active, life associate and Community Members are eligible to apply.

The Emanuel Windholz Fund was founded in 1986 after the death of Emanuel Windholz. Windy as he was known by his friends and colleagues was a founding member of The San Francisco Psychoanalytic Institute and prior to that the Prague Study Group. An émigré analyst from Czechoslovakia, Dr. Windholz had a lifelong interest in psychoanalytic research. For many years Dr. Windholz led a postgraduate seminar investigating clinical psychoanalysis. Out of this study group emerged a process and method for studying psychoanalysis.  The method, called consensual analysis, endeavored to uncover unconscious communication between analyst and analysand. It involved the comparison of process notes with recorded weekly meetings between the treating analyst and Dr. Windholz. Discrepancies between process notes and the recorded meetings were investigated by the seminar participants and led to uncovering of unconscious communication between the analyst and the patient.  The preliminary work was published in a book New Ideas in Psychoanalysis, The Process of Change in Humanistic Science edited by Calvin F. Settlage (1985).

Upon Dr. Windholz’s death a committee was formed to administer the funds he had remaining in his consensual analysis project. These funds have been invested with a limit of 5% that can be made available in any given year with 50% or 2-1/2% going to SFCP for administrative fees.  This year we have up to $66,566 to distribute which includes funds that were not awarded in prior years.

The basic policy of The Windholz Fund is to stimulate new psychoanalytic research among psychoanalysts and psychoanalysts – in – training. Priority is given to applications for research by previously unfunded investigators. A second level of priority is given to applications for new research by previously funded investigators. Awards are not usually to be made to existing research projects.

Applications are open to active, life, associate and now community members of SFCP.

The subject matter of the research is to be psychoanalytic and is not limited to empirical/quantitative studies, but includes clinical, historical and interdisciplinary studies as well. However, these grants are intended for support beyond the conventional expenses of scientific papers. i. e. beyond library, desk and word processor/typing production. This might include such things as costs of special equipment, necessary travel, rental space, experimental subjects, judges, assistants, special supplies or service, etc.

All applications are to be made to the Chairperson of the Research Committee.

Click here to obtain the application and the completed application should be submitted electronically. →

Paul Ransohoff, DMH, Chair Research Committee