SFCP Community

Our community consists of analyst members, community members, candidates, psychoanalytic psychotherapy members, and staff members.

The total FTE or full-time equivalent for paid staff positions is 4.375.


Annual Budget

SFCP's annual budget is approximately $1 million. This year, based on the proposed budget, SFCP's income from membership dues and program fees will cover 90% of the operating cost.

This is remarkable for an organization that offers a wide variety of programs including some that are low fee or free of cost to meet the needs of our professional community.

SFCP needs the support of this Campaign to cover 10% of the operating cost, which is $100K.


Operating Reserve

The purpose of the Operating Reserve, also known as the Rainy Day Fund, is to cover revenue shortfalls and unanticipated expenses. SFCP's Operating Reserve currently has approximately $58K.

SFCP needs the support of the Annual Campaign to increase its Operating Reserve over the next 3 to 4 years to cover 3 months of the operating cost.