To the SFCP Community,

We are all deeply affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are doing what we can to meet our obligations to family, friends, colleagues, and patients, and to contribute to the greater societal good—all while coping with anxiety for our own health and well-being in a suddenly and profoundly changed world. What follows is a compilation of online resources relevant to our general well-being and to effective psychoanalyitically-informed work under our current circumstances. It is meant to be a work in progress, to be updated as more resources become available or listed resources become outdated. If you have additional resources to suggest for inclusion here, please contact any of us so that they can be made available to our community.

Mike Smith & Walt Beckman, Co-Presidents
Paul Sorbo, Chair, Board of Trustees
Marcia Hodges, Administrative Director



SFCP will host all classes, programs, and meetings only via remote technology from March 16 until further notice



Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

California Department of Public Health

San Francisco Department of Public Health

Alameda County Public Health Department

San Mateo County Health Department

Santa Clara County Department of Public Health



Guidance from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

Guidance from the San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis
During this worrisome and stressful time of Covid19, we are all attempting to provide ongoing help to our patients while taking care of friends, family and our communities. This is a time when many of our SFCP colleagues feel themselves to be and are in fact at greater risk of falling ill. Although thinking about our own illness, impairment or mortality is never easy, we should be aware that this is a moment we should be concerned as to whether we have prepared our practices for the chance that we may become ill. This then might be a time to update your professional will and perhaps ask and then add a few more colleagues to your response team should you be unable to manage the details of your practice. In addition, our members may be in need of support should a family member become ill. The EIC can assist you in thinking through a strategy for managing your practice in such a crisis, should these unfortunate and sudden situations arise. Primarily, we want to encourage the community to use us as resource.

Please use the link below as a resource for professional wills.
Protecting yourself and patients during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Guidance from the American Psychoanalytic Association
Telemental Health Laws Update

Guidance from the International Psychoanalytic Association

Distance Psychoanalysis & Psychotherapy
Select References on the use of Phone & Video Chat Platforms (PDF)

Directives from the City and County of San Francisco Department of Publich Health
Order of the Health Officer of the City and County of San Francisco restricting routine medical appointments and elective surgery, encouraging remote appointments, encouraging delivery of cannabis products and prescriptions, and establishing directives to permit for certain surgeries, procedures, and visits to occur (PDF)



Telemental Health
APSA Urges Members to Provide Remote Mental Health Services
APA Update on Telehealth Restrictions
HHS Notification of HIPAA Enforcement Discretion
APA Telepsychiatry Toolkit
American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Other Organizations’ COVID-19 Resource Pages
UCSF Psychiatry: Resources to Support Your Mental Health
Northern California Psychiatric Society: Resources Center
American Psychiatric Association: Coronavirus Information Hub
Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress: Coronavirus Response

Relevant Readings
The psychological impact of quarantine and how to reduce it: rapid review of the evidence. Brooks, Samantha K et al. The Lancet, Volume 395, Issue 10227, 912 - 920.
Psychological Responses to Quarantine: What to Expect and Do. Kolod, Sue. Psychoanalysis Unplugged. American Psychoanalytic Association. 18 March 2020.
When the Frame Doesn’t Fit the Picture. Bass, Anthony. (2007). Psychoanalytic Dialogues, 17(1):1-27.

Reliable Sources for COVID-19 Updates
LA Times for California
CDC for US
Johns Hopkins for US and Global



Helping frontline healthcare workers impacted by COVID-19 locate pro bono psychological support. Participation in this project is open only to licensed mental health professionals in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. The project is not affiliated with SFCP, but is included here as a public service. For information, click here.