SFCP Community Members Mentoring Program


Would you like to meet with an analyst to discuss your questions about psychoanalytic thinking and clinical work? We’d love to meet with you! The Mentoring Program at SFCP matches participants with analyst mentors to discuss the mentee’s interest in psychoanalytic work.

The Mentoring Program is open to mental health clinicians at all levels of training and experience, who are SFCP Community Members, an easy and fun community to join! Mentors meet once a month with mentees for the academic year.

Examples of Topics to Discuss:

  • Information, resources and literature to help a mentee explore particular areas of interest. For example: work with particular populations such as trauma survivors; current thinking about LGBTQ issues; the impact of race, class and culture on psychological life; child work; mindfulness; research about psychoanalytic process; and psychoanalytic interfaces with other fields such as poetry, literature, neurosciences
  • How to choose among current activities, programs, courses, and services offered by SFCP that are relevant to the mentee’s interests and stage of training
  • Questions about developing as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and about psychoanalytic training
  • Connecting the mentee with colleagues who the mentor thinks might be a valuable resource based on the mentee’s interest in a particular subject

“I'm new to private practice and was looking to get mentoring and support from someone with a deep knowledge of psychotherapy.  During our initial meetings I was able to get several very practical and pressing questions answered and feel more confident about seeing clients in my new private practice setting. We discussed psychoanalytic approaches to working with parents and children, which helped me to move forward with my cases and also to consider aspects that I had not previously considered. I have a particular interest in mindfulness and my mentor put me in touch with a therapist who incorporates mindfulness into a psychodynamic therapy practice. In addition, I work with children and my mentor referred me to the Child Colloquium, where I met other clinicians and heard a very helpful presentation. I feel very fortunate to meet with my mentor as needs arise.”

Matt Higgins LCSW, Community Members Mentoring Program

COST:  FREE to SFCP Community Members. Visit our Community Membership webpage to become a member.

QUESTIONS:  If you have questions about the program, please contact:
Holly Gordon, DMH  [email protected]
Sunny Kuegle, PsyD  [email protected]

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*The Mentorship Program is not a recruitment program.  The mentor-mentee relationship is confidential and the mentor does not inform or influence the admission process should the mentee apply to the Center for training.