Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Education Division

Beth Steinberg, PhD, Chair


Elizabeth Biggart, PhD; Maureen Ruffell, MD; and Neil Brast, Co-Chairs

Admissions: Sharon Levin, LCSW
Associate Chair: Neil Brast, MD
CEUs: Jeffrey Yost, MFT
Curriculum: Michael Smith, PhD
Faculty: Jana Kahn, PhD
Special Projects Catherine Phillips, LCSW
Cheryl Goodrich, PhD
Special Projects (Ex-Officio) Richard Almond, MD
Dena Sorbo, LCSW
Student Development: Ann Martini, LCSW
Supervision: Maureen Smith Ruffell, MD

Maria Longuemare, MD, PhD, Chair

Admissions: Michael Levin, PsyD
Associate Chair: Adam Goldyne, MD
Curriculum: Beth Steinberg, PhD
Dean and Mentorship: Katherine Fraser, DMH
Supervision: Kathy Waller, MD
Genie Dvorak, PsyD

Rebecca Schwartz, PhD and Debbie Vuong, PhD, Co-Chairs

Admissions Chair: Michael Pastor, PhD
Curriculum Chair: TBA
Dean: Michael Donner, PhD
Evaluation Co-Chairs: Kiyomi Ameriks, MD
Shahla Chehrazi, MD
Outreach Chair: Kiernan Warble, LCSW
Supervision Co-Chairs: Katya Woodmansee, PhD
Gregory Villalba, LCSW