Board of Trustees

Paul Sorbo, LCSW, Chair
Walter Beckman, PhD, Co-President
Michael K. Smith, PhD, Co-President
Deborah Weisinger, PsyD, Secretary

Analyst Trustees at-Large
Steven H. Goldberg, MD
Cheryl Goodrich, PhD
Suzanne Klein, MD
Deborah Weisinger, PsyD
Catherine Witzling, PhD, LCSW

Candidate Trustee
Margaret Shirley, MD

Community Trustees
Amy Wallerstein Friedman, LCSW
Michael Harrington, JD, Treasurer
Steve Larson
Brett Penfil, MFT
Paul Sorbo, LCSW
Christopher Thompson


Committees of the Board

Michael Harrington, JD, Chair

Walter Beckman, PhD
Dan Rosenbaum

Steven H. Goldberg, MD and Brett Penfil, MFT, MPH, Co-Chairs

Milton Schaefer, PhD and Dena J. Sorbo, LCSW, BCD, Co-Chairs

Mary Ewert, DMH
Terrence Owens, PhD
Marc Zussman, MD
Catherine Witzling, PhD, LCSW
Kristen Callahan, LMFT
Laura Dansky, PhD
Michael Bronzo, MD
Mary Diaso Rudy, LCSW
Lara Weyland, PhD

To contact either co-chair:
Milton Schaefer, PhD (415) 776-3400
Dena Sorbo, LCSW, BCD  (650) 948-8335

Elizabeth Simpson, LCSW and Raymond Poggi, MD, Co-Chairs

Forrest Hamer, PhD
Frederick Huang, MD
Susmita Shah, MFT
Debbie Vuong, MFT

Walter Beckman, PhD, Co-President
Michael K. Smith, PhD, Co-President
Meryl J. Botkin, PhD, Membership Services Division
Beth Steinberg, PhD, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Education Division
Debora Fletcher, PhD and Lilly Pritchard, MS, Extension Education Programs Division
Deborah Weisinger, PsyD, Community Outreach and Service Division
Gary Grossman, PhD, Psychoanalytic Education Division
TBA, Applied and Academic Psychoanalysis Division
Celeste Schneider, PhD, Faculty Co-Chair
Marcia Hodges, Administrative Director

updated on 01/11/2019