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10 Audio Books Apps like Audible


Audible is the collection of over 180,000 audio books of the bestseller authors. Audible is a great source of increasing knowledge and information anytime, anywhere. Audible is a vast library of classic to modern age books. By using Audible, you can listen books in whatever condition you are. No need to turn out the pages. The other features of Audible …

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11 Apps like Six Guns: Gang Showdown


Six Guns Gang Down is an action game that is full of wild life of those who never care about any law and rule. A game that contains the almost 40 dangerous and tricky missions and full of events. After installing the Apps like Six Guns: Gang Showdown you are welcome to the world of Oregon and Arizona that is …

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13 Similar Apps like Google Earth


Google Earth is a map and geographical information telling application that provides the users with an aerial photograph, satellite images, and much more on a 3D globe. The list of features in Google Earth includes a flight simulator, sky mode, street view, water & ocean view, historical images, some images of planets including Mars, Moon, liquid galaxy and much more. …

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Top 10 Home Automation Apps like Home Remote


Home Remote is an application for smartphone that enables the users to control their homes via smartphones. It allows the users to set short instructions in their smartphone and control their home from Home Remote. The instructions include: study bright/medium/dim/off, living dim/off/bright/ medium, bed dim/medium/bright/off and many more. Home Remote works with the appliances of Limitless LED, WeMo, Milight, Insteon …

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19 Apps like Safari Browser – Alternative


Safari browser is a web browser by the Apple just like a web browser. Initially, it was launched for the Mac OS X Panther, however, later one was launched for the iOS devices. The features of Safari are best browsing, high performance, high searching speed, Nitro JavaScript engine, thumbnails of over 24 websites, support for HTML5, support for CSS canvas …

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14 Apps like Adobe Photoshop Express

14 Apps like Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is the most popular photo editing applications of the Adobe that is known as the best one company in designing apps and software. Adobe Photoshop Express is an application for smartphones that lets the users to give a new touch to their photos and selfies. Say good bye to simple and dull photos and welcome the Adobe …

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10 Apps like AudioTube – Free Music Player


AudioTube is a music app for artist, labels and publishers. This app allows the music lovers to store and manage their tracks. The musicians can promote, monetize and track their music and music videos by using the AudioTube. The other best thing about AudioTube is that it also works as a content manager for them that means distribution to monetization …

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15 Apps like MightyText

15 Apps-like-MightyText MAL

MightyText is a remote texting application that lets the users text and send messages or SMSs from their computer synchronized with Android handset and number. MightyText lets the users send and receive unlimited SMS and MMS either from their computer or tablet or both by using their Android smartphone and number. Moreover, the messages sent stay in synchronized within the …

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