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12 Apps like Shazam


Shazam is a library of music that lets the users to get an instant access to the world of music just after installing his entertaining application. Shazam is a great source of entertaining for music lovers where they can find the top rated music of the most popular artists of the world. It is not the limit of Shazam. The …

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Top 10 Apps like Akinator


Akinator is a challenging game that finds out the character running in your mind. It actually asks the users to imagine and real or fictional character on his mind. It then asks the twenty questions and on the basis of the answers of that twenty question, it guesses the character running in the mind of player. It is really a …

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Top 16 Best Apps like Xender

16 Apps like Xender - Xender Alternative

Xender is a file sharing and transferring application that lets the smartphone users to simply and fastly transfer the files from one mobile to another or from mobile to PC or PC to mobile. Xender is regarded as one of the best application for sharing the files in a faster speed than light. Xender lets the users transfer files of …

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13 Best Apps like Whitagram


Whitagram is an image setting application for photo lovers who lovers to share their photos and selfies over social media platform. If you are tired of cropping each and every photo before uploading and sharing with others then here is the Whitagram that will automatically adjust all of your photos and will take the task of cropping from you. It …

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17 Apps like VOXOX for Free Calls


VOXOX is an application for calling, sending SMS and fax at cheap rates across the world. VOXOX lets the users to even make free calls and send free SMS in some part of the world as well. The rates for calling and sending SMS to many other countries are also low as compared to other services. By consuming only $1, …

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12 Apps like 7notes


7notes is a beautiful note taking application that lets the users instantly save what they are thinking right now and then read them later on. It is not a simple note taking application like other note taking applications. 7notes actually sports the real handwriting system that is why it is regarded as the one of the best note taking application. …

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10 Apps like Educreations for Whiteboard Learning


Educreations is basically a learning platform for both students and teachers. Those teachers who wants to teach other can join the platform of Educreations and those who wants to learn are also welcome at Educreations. Educreations is a platform to capture your ideas, share instantly and replay anytime. Educreations also work as a channel of communication between students and teachers …

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10 Apps like Duolingo to Learn Languages


Duolingo is an application for learning foreign languages for free. There is no advertisement system nor hidden charges for using Duolingo. Duolingo is one of the best language learning application that enables the leaners to learn dozens of foreign languages ranges from Spanish, English, French, German, to Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish and many others for free. Install Duolingo and read, …

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