15 Sites like PayPal for Online Payments


PayPal is an American based online payment system that is operating for the purpose of online money transfer across the world. PayPal was launched with an aim to replace the traditional means of money transferring like money orders and checks. It is currently the largest internet based money transferors in the world. PayPal is currently operating in almost 200 countries …

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25 Sites like Taboola Alternatives


Taboola is made for handling the site visitors and well- known tool for publishers to making money from native advertising. Taboola is quality content promotion solution for websites and also blogs. The most of websites with large website traffic like BBC, Boston Globe and USA Today using Taboola to making money more. However, Taboola is not the just a content …

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10 Online Shopping Sites like eBay


eBay is an American web based retailer for buying and selling products online. Those who want to purchase real life products can purchase from eBay easily. Those who want to sell their products can create their own E-Store at eBay and can sell their products as they are selling face to face. eBay is one of the best alternatives to …

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10 Presentation Sites like Prezi


Prezi is an online presentation maker platform that enables the students and entrepreneurs to create effective presentations. By now 60 million presentations have been made by using Prezi. For its marvelous features and functions, Prezi can be said as the one of the best alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint and zoho alternatives for making presentations. However, Prezi is not the only …

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13 Browsers like Tor Alternatives


Tor browser is basically the product of Mozilla Firefox for hiding the proxy and accessing the blocked websites and contents. Tor is a multiplatform browser and available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X users. It is largely used by the developers to hide their IP address and real geographical location. Moreover, Tor is also used for accessing the blocked …

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21 Sites like Outbrain Alternatives

21 Sites like Outbrain Alternatives

Outbrain is known as one of the best content marketing platforms that assist the users in getting more traffic over their website or blog. It allows the publishers to arrange more traffic for their websites by presenting them relevant URL links. The other best thing about Outbrain is that it also recommends for various news, video, mobile and other online …

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11 Sites like Diigo Alternatives


Diigo is a bookmarking site that enables the users to store their bookmarks, tags and webpages to easily access them next time. Diigo is the best bookmark manager alternatives and Xmark alternatives. The other stunning advantage of using Diigo is that it makes it easy for the users to organize and customize their links, references and personal data to structure …

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