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iTools is a ringtone making application for the iOS users that lets the iOS users to create step by step ringtones and edit the existing as well. By using this marvelous application you can even create your own personalized ringtone. There is also a system of data transfer in iTools by deploying which you can easily transfer the data between iOS and PC including digital media and files of all types. There is also the availability of AirPlay as well by using which you can enjoy the features of your iOS devices on the big screen of your computer. Below are the top rated alternatives to iTools.

1. AnyTrans

AnyTrans is an application for managing your smartphones with a new style. It is basically an application by using which you can manage the music of your iPhone and iPod with a new style. This ultra-design model application provide the users with the feature of fast music transferring speed and a lot of other features. However, this application can be used for other purposes as well like managing and controlling the phone from PC as well.

2. iFunbox

iFunbox is a powerful iOS device managing application to whom you can also said as the app management application for your iPhone, iPad and iPod. The best about iFunbox is that this application can be also used as an alternative to vShare as well as you can get from here the cracked applications as well. This application enable the iOS users to control and manage their iOS devices from the Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

3. iMazing

iMazing is basically an application that was designed for the purpose of transferring music by surpassing the need of iTunes. However, this tool can also be used for transferring even messages, calls history, applications, and much more. By simply connecting the iPhone, iPod and iPad with the Mac or PC by using the USB or Wi-Fi the users can get a hassle free accessibility. There is no need of cloud, jailbreak and iTunes account.

4. iBrowse

iBrowse is a brand new of exploring the file system of iOS device from the PC and Mac OS X. This application enable the both iPad and iPhone users to access the files of their smart devices by simply connecting their device with the PC or Mac and then they will be able to read, write the root directories, media and application system of the device. This application can be even used for browsing iTunes backups as well.

5. iMobie

iMobie is a dedicated file transferring application for the iPhone users by using which they can access the content and system management of their iPhone device. iMobie is the best and reliable one iPhone manager that can be used for organism the entire system of the iOS as well. Then there is also a comprehensive system of cleaner by using which the users can enhance the speed and performance of their iPhone and iPad within few taps only.

6. iSkysoft TunesOver

iSkysoft TunesOver is another productivity application for Mac and Windows that has made the transferring of files of all type form any iOS device to either PC or iTunes easy and simple. iSkysoft TunesOver is the one of the best application that has made the accessing of iDevice from any Mac and Windows easy and simple. iSkysoft TunesOver is a way to manage the backups of your iDevice and iTunes as well and restore them at any time.

7. PodTrans

PodTrans is a special transferring tool for the iPod users only that is only for transferring music and other kind of material from Mac or Windows PC to the iPod. Don’t take this application as a one way music and file transfer. This tool is basically a two way iPod music and file transferring tool that is totally free to use. This application can be used for even making the backup of the data as well.

8. SharePod

SharePod is yet another powerful and easy to use application that is only for transferring the music and videos from PC or Mac to the iPhone and iPad and vice versa. By using this application the iOS users can even share the entire iTunes library and playlist in the PC or Mac. SharePod is one of the best applications for even recovering music from iPad, iPod or iPhone.

9. Floola

Floola is basically a smartphone manger application for controlling your entire iOS device and even Motorola phone of any model from your personal PC. However, there is only one limitation on using Floola and that is its supports for only iPod. You can use this platform in case of iPod Touch and iPhone. SO, if you have a simple iPod then you can go for this application otherwise in case of other iOS devices move to the other platforms.

10. SynciOS

SynciOS is a free, powerful and effective way of transferring content of every type between iOS and Android devices and Mac and PC as well. This application provides the stunning features of phone to phone transferring, creating backup of the phone data and retrieving the data from backups at any time. The best about SynciOS is the availability of the phone to phone transfer that’s means a connection between even iOS and Android device.

11. CopyTrans Manager

CopyTrans Manager is an application in the list that in addition to iTools is also one of the best alternative to the even iTunes. This tool is basically an application from where you can expect almost all those features that you encountered in the iTunes. By using this application the iOS users can enjoy the drag and drop features to access and share the music and other files from iPhone, iPad and iPod to the PC directly. After using this application there will remain no further dependency upon the iTunes.

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11 Apps like iBrowse Alternatives /2016/02/02/11-apps-like-ibrowse-alternatives/ /2016/02/02/11-apps-like-ibrowse-alternatives/#respond Tue, 02 Feb 2016 05:49:12 +0000 /?p=1233 11 Apps like iBrowse Alternatives

iBrowse is an application for accessing iOS file system from Mac or PC. The process is very simple just connect your smartphone with computer and then easily access and view iTunes backups phone iPad or iPhone. By using this application you can create even back up as well. There is a drag and drop feature, file previews, and easy to transfer file system that will provide you a complete control over the file system of iOS device.  Following are the best alternatives to ibrowse.

1. iFunBox

iFunBox can also be used as an alternative to iBrowse. However the additional feature of 3 is app management system. By using this application the iOS users can manage their videos, photos, and many other media data from the PC.  It makes it easy for the users to pick in the root file system of a Jailbreak iOS device by the customizing pictures of iFunBox.

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2. iMobie

iMobie is an iPhone transfer application that provide the users with file management ,  data transfer , data recovery and a cleaner. It is an application that connects iPhone with Mac or PC. By using this application you can manage entire file system of iPhone from PC or Mac. The features of this application are transferring files, messaging apps, controlling applications and documents, and accessing file system.

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3. iMazing

iMazing is an iPad, iPod , and iPhone manager for Mac and PC operating systems. It is an application that provides the iOS users with the system of transferring digital media files, applications, messages, and much more. This application can also be used for managing backup of iOS devices as well. In short, this application forwards to users an immediate access to entire file system of iOS device.

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4. Syncios

Syncios is an easy-to-use feel powerful application that is regarded as one of the best iOS file system manager. By using this application the users can transfer files from any smartphone to PC without using iTunes. It is an application that is basically used for managing smartphones from PC, backup phone data, retrieving data from backup, managing entire file system, and organizing smartphone.

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5. iExplorer

iExplorer is the file transferring application for transferring every kind of files and documents from any iPod, iPad, or iPhone to PC or Mac OS X operating system. It is basically an iOS manager by using which the iOS users can instantly enjoy the pictures of transferring and sharing between iOS device and PC or Mac. They can even export data of all type from iPhone to Mac or PC.

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6. Appandora

Appandora is a free smartphone Manager application for managing smartphone file system without any cost. It provides a free file transfer system between PC and smartphone. The best about Appandora is that there is no requirement of jailbroken devices and it is also available for Android smartphone as well. It is fully compatible with the current iOS and Android operating systems.

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7. CopyTrans

CopyTrans Manager is one of the best alternatives to iTunes for managing iPhone, iPad, iPod without going to iTunes. It is an application for getting full control over iPhone. By using this application they can simply drag and drop videos and music from PC directly to iOS smartphone. They can even use it for managing the entire file system of their iOS as well.

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8. Filza File Manager

Filza File Manager is a powerful file manager for iOS devices.  it provide  the iOS users with a powerful file manager, file viewers, cloud services, file sharing system, exploring files, managing music library, and many other features. It is an application   that is integrated with powerful file system management.

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9. iAny Manage

iAny Manage is a free to use application for transferring  files , managing files , synchronization , making backup , and restoring data in iOS devices. It is an application for managing entire file system of any iOS device from other platform. The drag and drop feature of 3 make it easy and simple for the iOS users to get a full command and control over their iOS device.

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10. iSkysoft Tunesover

iSkysoft Tunesover is an application that has made transferring video files from a iDevice to iTunes on PC easy and simple. It is an application that is used for transferring music, playlists, and digital media from iDevice to the PC. This application give the smartphone users a chance to copy all of their files from the iDevice to the iTunes library and PC.

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11. Apowersoft Phone Manager

Apowersoft Phone Manager is a Phone Manager application that is fully compatible with the iOS and Android operating system. This application allow the smartphone users to get a full control over their handsets in shape of app management , file sharing , making backup , restoring data , managing contacts , and much more on PC.

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13 Book Search Extensions for Google Chrome /2016/02/01/13-book-search-extensions-for-google-chrome/ /2016/02/01/13-book-search-extensions-for-google-chrome/#respond Mon, 01 Feb 2016 13:10:48 +0000 http://sfcp.org/?p=658 Book search extensions are those extensions that enable the users to browse books, article and other types of reading materials from their Google Chrome. These extensions mostly support the book database of Amazon, Google Books, Good Reads and many other reliable sources. If you want to access unlimited book directly from your browser then below is the list of top rated book search extensions for Google Chrome.

1. Library Extension

Library Extension is an advanced a powerful book searching extension for Google Chrome for searching the books from the extensive library of Amazon, Google Reads, AR BookFinder and many others. Library Extension is just like a public library in your browser from where you can browse the books as you browse on the internet.

Official link

2. Book Depository Search

Book Depository Search is for quickly searching the books from your browser. The best about Book Depository Search is that it enables the users when they are reading any article and what to search book related to any specific term then they are simply required to right click on the highlighted text and search it in the Book Depository.

Official link

3. ReadingFanatic

ReadingFanatic is for finding the eBooks, biographies, articles, magazines, textbooks, audiobooks and much more. Everything available at the platform of ReadingFanatic is totally free. The best about ReadingFanatic is that it enables the users to open every new thing in a new tab without disturbing his continuous work in the current running tab.

Official link

4. Libre-ry Book Search

Libre-ry Book Search is another fastest and best way towards the world of eBooks that are available for free. Just install the extension in your browser and enjoy the access to thousands of eBooks for free from the library of Library Genesis. Libre-ry Book Search also enables the readers to download the book they want in addition to reading it in the browser.

Official link

5. Amazon with Google Books

Amazon with Google Books is an extension that makes the link between Amazon and Google. Just add the google book links in Amazon search result page and product page and know about the books. Before buying the books, the user can confirm the contents of the book as well. Just specify the category and get access to many books.

Official link

6. Goodreads Right Click

Goodreads Right Click is the right click search system of Google to search for the books of the selected text from the directory of Google Reads. Books are away from you at a distance of right click only. Goodreads search system enables the readers to search books from the data of Goodreads and open them in a new tab.

Official link

7. Library

Library is a simple and efficient way of searching books. Library in Google Chrome lets the readers quickly search books from the digital libraries and download them to read in offline mode as well. By installing Library, the reader can get books on various topics including computer science, artificial intelligence, innovations, information technology, etc.

Official link

8. Open Library Book Search

Open Library Book Search is another wonderful extension for borrow and reads the book. Open Library Book Search lets the readers search books from the library of OpenLibrary.org. Open Library Book Search is surely a great way for finding and viewing many books for free. Moreover, the books can be borrowed as well.

Official link

9. Public Library

Public Library is an extension for checking whether a specific book you are searching for is available in Amazon Book Library or not. Moreover, Public Library supports various other book sites as well. The aim of Public Library is to make it sure that the users are getting the write books from Amazon.com and other book supported websites.

Official link

10. Google Play Books

Google Play Books is for searching the database of over four millions books of the Google that can be read out in offline mode as well. It’s the time to read free books by installing Google Play Books. Use any device and get millions of free books. The other stunning features of Google Play Books are highlight text, add margin, notes, select words or texts, etc.

Official link

11. Free Book Search

Free Book Search is for searching free books all over the internet. This extension enables the users to browse for free eBooks, books, audiobooks and much more reading content all over the internet for free. The other stunning feature about Free Book Search is that it enables the users to read Kindle books as well from computer and smartphone.

Official link

12. BOOK lookup

BOOK lookup is for searching books by author, title, description, or ISMB. This extension lets the users browse any book by searching for the book title, the book’s author, by providing some description or even with the help of ISBN code. Moreover, BOOK lookup enables the users to check the price, dimensions, editions and other details of the specific book.

Official link

13. Book Search

Book Search is another extension for searching for any book and getting its review and other related information. Book Search has its own search engine by the name of BookX.co that provide an advanced search system to the reader. The other stunning features of Book Search are book preview, get related information, etc.

Official link

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10 Sites like iGoogle – iGoogle Alternatives /2016/01/30/10-sites-like-igoogle-igoogle-alternatives/ /2016/01/30/10-sites-like-igoogle-igoogle-alternatives/#respond Sat, 30 Jan 2016 12:10:01 +0000 /?p=1207 10-Sites-like-iGoogle---iGoogle-Alternatives

iGoogle is a customizable and highly personalized web portal that provide the users with various options to start their web page according to preferences of a search box system and dozens of others gadgets. It provides the users with options of creating multiple tabs. They can personalized the search system of iGoogle as they want by adding or removing news and informational based tabs. Here are the one of the best alternatives to iGoogle.

1. igHome

igHome is a web based platform that enable the uses to personalize their main search area via the personalized dashboard system of the igHome. Here the internet users will find the various gadgets and tabs regarding Gmail, calendar, bookmarks system, maps, images, news, cloud storage device, access to YouTube and a lot of others for a better searching experience.

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2. My Yahoo

My Yahoo is a highly customizable and personalized web page system that provides the internet users with a customized web page and dashboard from where they can manage all of their search activities. Here they are provided with the unlimited options to start their search from an easy to use and highly customizable environment according to their own demand and requirement.

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3. Netvibes

Netvibes is basically an analytics, getting alerts and social media monitoring platform. However, there is also a complete system for managing website is available in Netvibes as it is integrated with a highly personalized dashboard that contains the features of web composing and various types of widgets. Netvibes can be used as an alternative to iGoogle.

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4. start.me

start.me is way for transforming your web pages with a personal dashboard that will be integrated with all those features that will make it easy for you to manage all of your internet settings from the dedicated platform of the start.me. By using this website the users can easily turn their start their start page into a personal dashboard where their well be everything for which they are looking for.

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5. Protopage

Protopage is an easy yet powerful and rich features personalized start pages system that is integrated with the feature and system of RSS reader. It is a website that is the home for reading RSS feeds, monitoring news, headlines, sticky notes, making to-do list, keeping bookmarks, starting private browsing and performing a dozens of others features.

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6. AllMyFaves

AllMyFaves is a new way of organizing your web pages and searching by managing its bookmarks and list of favorite sites. It is a web site that is especially useful for the researchers and developers who are required to approach to their favorite websites without wasting any time. This site provides the highly customizable environment.

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7. start.io

start.io is a website by using which you can make a startpage with your favorite links and see right when they are updated. It is an application that provides you with a new type of homepage where everything will get less than a minute for a full access. Through the powerful page management system of start.io the users can even block the unwanted websites and can make their startpage work according to their own requirement.

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8. uStart

uStart is your free and customizable start page right from your favorite web browser that is integrated with the on demand features of RSS feed system, mails system, series, daily horoscope reading system, and various other type of data about from group to web pages. It is website where there are various gadgets are available that you can also choose to add them on your page.

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9. Dash Dashboards

Dash Dashboards is a free web based dashboard that provides a real-time system for managing websites, business, internet activities and much more. It is also like iGoogle but unlike iGoogle, Dash Dashboards make it easy for the users to instead of using the default widgets and settings of it, create their own web dashboard according to their own requirements.

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10. Awesome HQ

Awesome HQ is a personalized dashboard system that almost comes with the same level of features and functions that are being provided by the iGoogle. It is on online web page dashboard management system that makes it easy for the users to manage all of their settings. It is a website for everything like managing even applications, widgets, custom shortcuts and much more.

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14 Apps like AirDroid – AirDroid Alternatives /2016/01/21/14-apps-like-airdroid-airdroid-alternatives/ /2016/01/21/14-apps-like-airdroid-airdroid-alternatives/#respond Thu, 21 Jan 2016 05:23:42 +0000 /?p=1167 14-Apps-like-AirDroid-–-AirDroid-Alternatives

There are basically two kinds of phone management applications that let the smartphone users to maintain their entire phone. First there are those that are simply used it by the phones to keep them organized and the others are those that are used from other platforms to maintain the phones. AirDroid is basically a PC and mobile management application that lets the Android users to control their entire handset from the PC like they are controlling it physically. Here we are providing the list of those applications that also provides the same services.

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1. Apowersoft Phone Manager

Just like its name, Apowersoft Phone Manager is a phone management platform that lets the Android users to manage and control all of their Android features and functions from their PC. Apowersoft Phone Manager in fact share the screen of your Android one the PC from where you can control your devices as you are controlling them physically.

Platform: Android

2. Mobisynapse

Mobisynapse is yet another Android management application from the platform of your PC. Only few mobile desktop management applications are perfect in managing the smartphone from the PC and Mobisynapse is among those few smartphone desktop management application by deploying which you can control every part of the phone just by using Wi-Fi connection or USB cable.

Platform: Android

3. MyMobiler

Just like other mobile management applications, MyMobiler lets the users to use either a Wi-Fi connection or USB cable to control their Android device from the PC. After making a connection users can perform all functions of sending and receiving messages, making and receiving calls, receiving notifications, data and files sharing between both devices and much more.

Platform: Android

4. AirMore

AirMore is one of the best desktop mobile management applications that is available for both iOS and Android devices. By using the AirMore, the smartphone users can share the screen of their devices on the PC and after that everything of their phones will be controlled from the PC. All functions that are performed on the phone will be access from the PC. File transferring is also possible by AirMore.

Platform: Android

5. Mobizen

Mobizen is a way to expand the mobile controlling experience from the PC. Mobizen actually allow the smartphone users to connect their Android device with the PC and then share the entire screen of Android with PC and now they can fully control all of the features of their mobile phone from the PC. SMS, calling, transferring files, etc. everything is possible.

Platform: Android

6. SideSync

SideSync is also a mobile to PC connecting application but it is for the Samsung smartphones and tablet that use the Android operating systems. SideSync lets the Samsung users to easily manage all of the settings of the device from the PC. The message that you received can be received on the PC, you can make calls, send text messages, make backup of device and much more.

Platform: Android

7. MobileGo

For those who are looking for a highly customizable and configurable mobile management solution are suggested to explore the features of MobileGo that will enable them to manage their mobile from PC as they operate it physically. MobileGo is an application that has made the mobile management from PC simple and easy.

Platform: Android

8. Moborobo

Moborobo is an all-in-one and professional mobile management application that enable the smartphone users to fully control their smartphone devices from their desktop PC. After using the Moborobo, smartphone users can perform all those functions for mobile from PC that they actually perform physically on the mobile like SMS, calling, transferring files, installing & uninstalling applications, transferring contacts and much more.

Platform: Visit Website

9. MyPhoneExplorer

Just like its name, MyPhoneExplorer is a PC-mobile management application to explore your mobile in a new way. By using the MyPhoneExplorer, smartphone users can synchronize all of their MS Outlook functions and features from their mobile to PC. Moreover, rest of the other functions like managing contacts, sending & receiving SMS, making & receiving calls, backup making, synchronization of other programs are also the part of its functions.

Platform: Visit WebsiteAndroid

10. Pushbullet

Pushbullet is an application that lets the users to connect their devices with each other. Either it is about connecting smartphones with other smartphones or connecting PC with smartphones, Pushbullet is a mobile connecting application that is available for all. The salient features of Pushbullet are texting & chatting, calling, getting notifications, transferring files and all those that you perform from your smartphone.

Platform: Android | iOS

11. Kies Air

Kies Air is also a best app like AirDroid but it is for Samsung Android devices only. It is an application that connects the Samsung mobile phones with the PC and then enable the users to synchronize their all data from smartphone to PC and discover the smartphones in a new way from the big screen of the PC. In that’s ay, Kies Air shares the screen of Samsung smartphone to the PC.

Platform: Visit Website

12. Android Commander

Android Commander is a platform for managing Android terminal and functions from the Windows operating systems. It is an application that is expert in comfortably managing all functions and features of Android tablets and smartphones from the desktop PC. All you need is a USB cable to make the connection between your Android device and PC.

Platform: Visit Website

13. Droid Explorer

Droid Explorer is an application to manage the rooted devices from the Windows Explorer. Managing Android devices from the PC is no more a big deal. All your Android devices functions and features can be handled from the PC with the help of Droid Explorer. In that’s way, Droid Explorer make it possible for the Android users to control each and every feature from the PC.

Platform: Visit Website

14. RemoDroid

RemoDroid is yet another powerful application that is not only for connecting Android device with PC. It in fact, allow the Android devices users to connect Android with other Android mobile set, PC and even Mac OS X operating systems. The stunning features of RemoDroid are connection management, remote control, file sharing, screen sharing, and much more.

Platform: Android

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10 Sites Like Etsy for Handmade Products /2016/01/18/10-sites-like-etsy-for-handmade-products/ /2016/01/18/10-sites-like-etsy-for-handmade-products/#respond Mon, 18 Jan 2016 02:00:00 +0000 /?p=1083 The world of online retailing is growing gradually. A lot of web-based marketplaces are there to provide you various products, goods, and services at your doorstep. Now the homemade, vintage and antique products are also available over the internet. Etsy is also an online market to buy and sell the homemade, antique, classic and vintage items. These products are available on Etsy in categories of clothing & accessories, jewelry, craft & supplies, weddings, entertainment, home & living, kids & baby and much more. Below are one of the best alternatives to Etsy for homemade and handmade products.

1. Aftcra

Aftcra is the online market of only handcrafted products that are crafted by the best American-based artists and designers. Aftcra is a platform where you will find a lot of handmade products including clothing, products for kids & babies, home & décor, furnishing & fashionables, jewelry, paper goods, arts & handicrafts accessories and much more.

2. ArtFire

ArtFire is a platform to fulfill your desire for handmade and handcrafted artistry and mastery works. Here you will find those products that will fascinate and in case of presenting as a gift, these will be surely the one of the best gifts from your side. Items for home & living, jewelry, bath & beauty, bags & cases, craft tools, clothing, etc. are the part of the ArtFire.

3. CraftIsArt

CraftIsArt is a market for satisfying your indie artist cravings. CraftIsArt is an online retailer who has made has made the trading in handmade and handcrafted products easy and simple. CraftIsArt is the best market of handmade, art and vintage products. Unlimited accessories, collectibles, graphic design, metal arts, furniture, fiber art, illustrations and hundreds of other items are available at the market of CraftIsArt.

4. iCraft

iCraft is an online market to sell and buy handmade products. iCraft is the platform of best artists and crafters of the world that is offering handmade products only. iCraft lets the artist and designers to sell their creations easily. They can create their own stores at iCraft and then can sell their products easily. Those who want to buy handmade products will surely find thousands of products here.

5. DaWanda

DaWanda is another online market for handmade products and gifts only that are being presented by the unique and creative designers. DaWanda is a platform for trading in homemade products and items simply and easily. DaWanda is one of the largest handmade products platforms of fashion accessories, bags, jewelry, home & décor, vintage products and much more.

6. Zibbet

Zibbet is a platform that is widely regarded as the platform for trading in fine art, vintage, classical, antique, handcrafted and handmade products only. Zibbet is a market of thousands of multiple creative products. Zibbet is the world of vintage, fine arts, craft supplies, homemade products that are there for the handmade products lovers only.

7. Made It Myself

Made It Myself allow you to sell and by a lot of handmade products including crafts, quilts, soaps, greeting cards, jewelry and various other types of stuff online. Made It Myself is one of the largest platforms of handmade products including clothing, home & décor, illustrations, ceramic & clay, furniture, glass item, handmade supplies, kids creation and much more.

8. Folksy

Folksy is one of the largest web-based platforms of modern British craft. A platform that is the home of almost 5,500 designers is offering the thousands of handmade and well-crafted products and items. Folksy is a great platform to explore to find the great things. Folksy is the market of accessories, metal works, glass works, wooden works, home ware, art, cards & stationery, weddings items, clothing & accessories, and much more.

9. Supermarket

Supermarket is yet another best platform for buying the handmade goods crafted by the professional designers and artists. Handmade shoes, gift cards,e ar rings, wooden items, metal products, creative glass products, fashionable, home & décor and much more are the part of Supermarket. Supermarket is a best handmade product market to explore.

10. Spoonflower

Spoonflower is one of the largest places of finding best products of the best designers of the world. Spoonflower is one of the best platforms that let the users find the on-demand products and sell them easily and conveniently. A lot of homemade and handcrafted products are the part of the market of the Spoonflower.

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14 Similar Sites like Fiverr /2015/12/28/14-similar-sites-like-fiverr/ /2015/12/28/14-similar-sites-like-fiverr/#respond Mon, 28 Dec 2015 04:37:05 +0000 /?p=1030 14-Similar-Sites-like-Fiverr

With the passage of time, the world of freelancing is developing gradually. It is unemployment laid the foundation of freelancing. You are required to have a skill and then there is a platform from where you can sell your talent to anyone in the world. Fiverr is such kind of platform that connects the professionals to professionals. If you are expert in any field and are unable to find job regarding that skill in your area then it is Fiverr that will let you sell your skills online. Graphics designers, marketer, writer & translators, programmer, advertiser, business professionals and all type of professions are welcome here. Fiverr is one of the best alternatives to Freelancer. Here are the one of the best alternatives to Fiverr.

1. Freelancer

Freelancer is a platform to earn while sitting at home. Freelancer is a freelancing platform for both beginners and professionals. It is a great earning platform that provides jobs to almost everyone. Those who want to sell their talent and services are advised to explore the world of Freelancer. Those who are looking for professionals to carry on their task are also welcome here.

Visit WebSite

2. FiverUp

FiverUp is a platform to be hired and hire the other professionals at affordable price. FiverUp is widely recognized as one of the best platforms for buying and selling services range from $4 to $100. Freelancing has seriously made the unemployed and professionals able to sell their services online. FiverUp is also such type of freelancing platform that deals in almost all professions.

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3. Elance

Elance is another online giant staffing market for the beginners and professionals. The main advantages of using the Elance for freelancing are amazing works & best clients, financial win-win situation, best bargaining, zero headaches and work from home at idle times. For those who are looking for a professional team of freelancers are also welcomed here.

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4. Upwork

Upwork that was formerly known as Elance-oDesk is a business platform for the independent professionals to meet with the other professionals who are looking for staff to carry on their projects. Upwork is a business channel that communicates the freelancers with the potential buyers of services. If you want real income on your skills then here we are presenting the Upwork.

Visit WebSite

5. Guru

Today millions of users are available over the platform of Guru to find and hire the talented and professionals freelancers around the world. No firing and hiring, just view the profile of a freelancer check the history of project completed reviews and then hire him for your work. Guru is a great freelancing platform that provides jobs in almost all fields.

Visit WebSite

6. Toptal

Toptal is yet another professional and giant network of freelancers. Most of the freelancers available at the Toptal belong to the field of software developers and designers. For those who wants to apply as freelancer to get a job are welcome at Toptal. And those who want to post a job or want to hire a freelancer are welcome here too.

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7. Jobcombinator

Jobcombinator is a platform of almost all type of jobs like programming, designing, copywriters, content writers, marketers, SEOs, translating, managing, sales & marketing, development and much more. The best about Jobcombinator is that there is no commission system in Jobcombinator. Jobcombinator is a platform that basically contacts the talent seller and talent hirer.

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8. Staff.com

Staff.com is an online market place for getting the best online home based job across the globe. It is the place where the willing beginners and professionals can find the perfect work for their self and also a platform for potential employers to hire the best talent across the globe. Staff.com is a platform that is best for freelancer and for those looking for professionals.

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9. Work N Hire

If you are looking for experts are for jobs from the world of freelancing then here is the Work N Hire that will let you to find job related to your talent and skills. Work N Hire is a platform that provides the right service to the beginners and professionals. Searching for the desired job and posting projects to hire the best staff is easily and simple by using the business platform of Work N Hire.

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10. Sevendays

Sevendays is a professional platform of finding the best jobs and best talent across the globe. Sevendays is one of the best freelancing platforms for the startup. Sevendays is a platform for the finding the projects and jobs regarding wen development, apps development, graphic designing, copywriting, digital marketing and much more.

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11. Hired

Hired is a job hunting and job searching platform where the professionals can find the best jobs. Joining the platform of Hired is entirely free. It is also for the employers where they can post their projects to hire the best staff for their projects. Hired is the platform where the jobs of almost 2000 plus are listed. Hired is best for both having talent and those looking for the talent.

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12. Fourerr

Fourerr is a platform for micro level jobs. Being a micro level freelancing platform, Fourerr is suitable for those who are beginners are fresh students. Fourerr is an online market of freelancers that deals in selling and buying of micro jobs. Fourerr deals in jobs regarding graphics, music & videos, technology and writing. Platform is micro but is doing well.

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13. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is a platform to find the jobs and hire the staff for the accomplishment of projects. PeoplePerHour deals in job regarding designing, web development, writing & translation, sales & marketing, multimedia, social media management & marketing, business support, management, software & apps development, etc.

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14. Agriya Getlancer Bidding

Agriya Getlancer Bidding is a marketplace of professionals from where they can find the best job for them. Using Agriya Getlancer Bidding for job purpose is very easy and simple. Users of Agriya Getlancer Bidding are first required to create a portfolio then make a bid against a posted job an after getting hired from the hirer, work on the project.

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10 Apps like iFile File Manager /2015/12/26/10-apps-like-ifile-file-manager/ /2015/12/26/10-apps-like-ifile-file-manager/#respond Sat, 26 Dec 2015 04:19:20 +0000 /?p=892 10-Apps-like-iFile-File-Manager

iFile is a file manager application for iOS devices that lets the users manage the files in their iOS devices. In addition to managing files, iFile is also used for email, edit, cut, copy, paste, delete, view, rename, compress and transfer files. Some features of iFile are integrated file browsers with various functioning features, up to 8 file browser tabs, fill integration of Dropbox and much more. iFile is one of the best alternatives to iFunbox. Following are the best alternatives to iFile.

1. Filza

Filza is a powerful and professional file manager for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch. Filza lets the iOS users to explore the files and folders with a list or grid view. They can explore the functions of text editor, hex editor, plist editor and media player as well. Moreover, the inclusion of Air Browser in Filza has made the sharing between device and PC easy too.

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2. FileBrowser

FileBrowser is an original and the best one viewer and file manager application for iOS devices. By using the FileBrowser, iOS users can perform multiple functions ranges from view, edit, copy and paste to stream, download, and manage files between PCs, NAS servers and cloud storage. FileBrowser is an all-in-one application that requires no other application to operate.


3. iFunbox

iFunbox is an app and file management application for iDevices. Now the iFunbox is also available for Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. After installing the iFunbox, iOS users can install iOS apps from unsigned or customized IPA package. iFunbox lets the users manage files in App sandbox for saved games, chat histories and import and export media files as well.

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4. FileExplorer

FileExplorer is another user-friendly yet powerful file management application that let the users access their files on PC, Mac OS X or Linux based operating system, cloud storage, NAS server from their iPhone or iPod. FileExplorer enables the users to stream movies and music directly to iOS devices and directly view and manage the media files as well.


5. iExplorer

iExplorer is an ultimate file management application that enables the iDevice users to access everything on their iDevices. The good news is that iExplorer is fully compatible with the latest version and model of iOS and iPhone. Moreover, iExplorer is compatible with Mac OS X and Windows 10 as well. Music transfer, disk mode & file access, notes & call history and many other functions become easy after the release of iExplorer.

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6. DS file

DS file is a file management application for smartphones. DS file is a file management application for managing files stored on the DiskStation. DS file lets the users upload or download the files between NAS server and the iDevice and perform other types of basic editing tasks as well. In addition to file management, browsing, watching and checking systems are also available in DS file.

Platform: Android | iOS

7. Here, File File!

Here, File File! Is a file management application for iPhone that lets the iPhone users to access their Mac HDD from any model of iPhone. Here, File File! let’s the users access single file to the entire folder easily and instantly. Here, File File! is one of the best application for managing files and accessing files between Mac OS X and iPhone.

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8. File Manager

File Manager is a file management application for your iOS devices. The best feature of File Manager is that in addition to file manager, it also works as a virtual USB drive for iOS devices. File Manager lets the users to easily and instantly manage their images, media files including audio, videos, PDF documents, MS Office files and much more stuff for free.


9. Documents by Readdle

Documents by Readdle is one of the best file manager application for iOS smartphones. Documents by Readdle works as a documents viewer and also a media player. Documents by Readdle is a free documents viewer and manager. Documents by Readdle lets its users open and view all formats of documents and media files quickly and instantly.

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10. FileMaster

FileMaster is a file manager and file protection application. The best about FileMaster is that in addition to working as file view and file manager, it works as a media player, text editor, Wi-Fi drive and much more. FileMaster lets the iOS users to transfer their files of all type from their computer on their devices and share with other friends as well.


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15 Sites like PayPal for Online Payments /2015/12/25/15-sites-like-paypal-for-online-payments/ /2015/12/25/15-sites-like-paypal-for-online-payments/#respond Fri, 25 Dec 2015 05:29:53 +0000 /?p=1007 15-Sites-like-PayPal-for-Online-Payments

PayPal is an American based online payment system that is operating for the purpose of online money transfer across the world. PayPal was launched with an aim to replace the traditional means of money transferring like money orders and checks. It is currently the largest internet based money transferors in the world. PayPal is currently operating in almost 200 countries the world and is dealing of transferring money in almost 30 currencies of the world. PayPal is one of the best alternatives to Western Union. If you are looking for the alternatives to PayPal then below are the best alternatives sites like PayPal.

1. Western Union

Western Union is among the global leading money transfers of the world. Western Union has deployed the advanced protection system of transferring money from one part of the world to other one. Mostly Western Union is used for international money transfer purpose. Western Union has several money transfer system and all are for business, commercial and individual purposes.

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2. Google Wallet

Google Wallet is a payment system by the Google Inc. Google Wallet is regarded as the secure means for sending and receiving money to and from family and friends. Most of the services of the Google Wallet are for the United States residents only, however, now it has started to extend its services to other countries easily. Use an email ID or phone number to transfer money.

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3. MoneyGram

MoneyGram is an American based online money transferring company that has number of local and regional locations across the globe. Sending and receiving money from the platform of MoneyGram is very easy and simple. MoneyGram is offering its services to entire United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France and some Asian countries.

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4. Payza

Payza is an all in one online money transfer service for sending and receiving money. The financial services of Payza are not limited to sending and receiving money only. Payza can be used as a means for shopping and making payments. Payza can also be used for selling and managing the business for the purpose of receiving money from the buyers.

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5. Payoneer

Payoneer is an international online ecommerce and money transfer service that deals in sending and receiving money across the globe. Payoneer is one of the best sources of money transfer for those who are regulating a business in various part of the world and have to collect the payments from the customers and buyers. Most of the freelancers also preferred the Payoneer for accepting payments.

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6. TransferWise

TransferWise is an international money transfer that lets the willing sender to send the money across the globe. The best system of TransferWise is its currency acceptance system. TransferWise lets the sender to send money in almost 300 countries of the world. The other thing about TransferWise is that it also allows the sender to send money in one currency that will be received by the receiver in other currency.

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7. WePay

WePay is an online payment solution service provider that mainly focuses on transferring the money for business purposes. Most of the services being offered by the WePay are for enterprises. WePay is an online money transfer provider for small business. WePay is one of the best online platforms for sending and receiving money.

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8. Ria Money Transfer

Ria Money Transfer is an online money remittance platform for sending and receiving money across various countries. Ria Money Transfer is regarded as the one of the largest money transfer companies across the globe. Ria Money Transfer lets the willing sender to send money through their bank account, debit cards and by other means.

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9. Skrill

Skrill is an online payment and money transfer service that is best for small and large entrepreneurs. Skrill make it easy for the users of all type to control their online payment and money transfer by creating a single account for all purposes. There are no charges for creating an account it is totally free. Skrill is a platform for transferring money from the internet.

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10. Amazon Payments

Amazon Payments is the online payment system being regulated by the Amazon.com. Amazon Payments is a best platform for making online transactions and payments. Amazon Payments lets the users to transfer the money to their friends and family members or use it for making online payments like in case of shopping form the Amazon Store.

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11. 2Checkout

2Checkout is an online payment processing platform that accepts the payment across the globe. 2Checkout lets the users to send money by using their credit cards, debit cards and even the PayPal accounts. 2Checkout is mostly used as a means for receiving money by the sellers who have to deal with international customers.

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12. Dwolla

Dwolla is an online payment and mobile payment solution for sending and receiving money in real time. Dwolla is the largest network of money transferring that remains in connect with the banks and credit unions to provide a safe and secure account and money transfer. Dwolla is a great platform for money transfer for those who wants to send and receive money in real-time.

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13. Xoom

Xoom is another secure and easiest way to sending and receiving money in almost 30 countries of the world. The unique system of Xoom is that in addition to sending and receiving money, it also deals in reloading phones and paying bills. Moreover, the service charges of Xoom are also reasonable as compared to the other online money transferring services.

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14. Apple Pay

Although not as big and effective as PayPal, yet Apple Pay is also a best source of sending and receiving money. Apple Pay can be said as one of the best alternatives to Google Wallet as it is also just like Google Wallet. However, it can be access from the iOS devices of iPhone 6 and higher only and moreover; areas of USA are covered only by the Apple Pay.

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15. Nochex

Nochex is an effective and easy-to-use payment system for sending and receiving money. Nochex is the best solution for small business that has to deal with customers across the world. Its payment service is not available in every country but where it is operating, it is doing well. Only an account is required to make transactions through Nochex.

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Top 16 Sites like Picnik – Picnik Alternative /2015/12/19/top-16-sites-like-picnik-picnik-alternative/ /2015/12/19/top-16-sites-like-picnik-picnik-alternative/#respond Sat, 19 Dec 2015 13:28:03 +0000 /?p=959 16-Sites-like-Picnik-for-Online-Photo-Editing

Picknik was a photo editing website that was for editing the photos in an online environment. However, Picnik had discontinued its services on 19 April 2013. Most of the users of Picnik are looking for sites that are similar to the Picnik. There is no dearth of sites like Picnik. Below mentioned websites are the few one among a lot of others that are considered as one of the best alternatives to Picnik for photo editing. Following are the best alternatives to Picnik.

1. Ribbet

Ribbet is an online photo editor that deals in two services namely photo editing and collage making. Ribbet is one of the best web based photo editing service that lets the users fix their photos, edit them, tune them, crop & resize, apply fonts & styles, improve the quality and perform various other editing and designing functions over their photos.

2. iPiccy

iPiccy is a free-to-use photo editing platform just like Picnik. iPiccy lets the users deal with their photos in their own way. Tools and ideas will be provided by the iPiccy while the users have to only select best from the available choices. Some intuitive features of iPiccy are the availability of Picnik photo editing options, automatically fix the photos, collages making, advanced editing system, etc.

3. Pixlr

Pixlr is an online image editing platform that lets the users enhance the beauty of their ordinary images in order to give them a new look. Pixlr lets the users start editing their images by two means, either by browsing from the system or simply opening it by URL. Pixlr has two photo editing version that are Pixlr Editor and Pixlr Express.

4. Pixenate

Pixenate is a website for editing photos instantly and easily without going for additional third party plugins. Pixenate makes it easy for the users to craft their photos in a mastery style. After editing the photos, users can also share their photos with their friend right from the editing platform of Pixenate. All these functions and features make the Pixenate a best web-based platform for image editing.

5. LunaPic

LunaPic is another free and professional photo editor plus anime and GIF maker. Editing photo in LunaPic is very easy and simple. LunaPic has no hard and fast rule for editing photos. Just upload the photo by browsing from your device and then edit and adjust it in your own way. LunaPic lets the users add filters, effects and even apply animations on their photos.

6. PicMonkey

PicMonkey is developed by the developers of Picnik that’s why most of the functions and photo editing features available at PicMonkey are based on the editing system of Picnik. Editing, touch up, design and collage making are four basic functions of the PicMonkey. There is only one limitation and that is PicMonkey is not a free photo editing platform. However, you can enjoy the free services on a trial of 30-days.

7. BeFunky

BeFunky is another user-friendly but entirely a professional and powerful web-based image editor that lets the users edit their images without going for downloading and installing software on their operating machine. Everything is in the cloud. Free graphic designing and advanced photo editing tools of BeFunky are available for everyone.

8. Google Photos

Google Photos is the service being offered by the Google that lets the users edit their photos, stories, and even movies. The user of Google Photos can freely enjoy the adjustment, crop, and rotate features of the Google Photos. The can edit their photos as they want by applying designing and effects tools over them. They can also store and organize their photos as well.

9. FotoFlexer

FotoFlexer is one of the best and advanced photo editors for transforming ordinary images into high-quality stunning images. FotoFlexer lets the users to easily create dazzling photos effects right from their browser. The best about FotoFlexer is that many photo-sharing and editing platform are integrated with FotoFlexer that is best for multiplatform point of view.

10. Adobe Photoshop Express

Although Adobe Photoshop Express is a desktop photo editing version by the Adobe Photoshop but Adobe Photoshop Express has an online system of photo editing as well. Adobe Photoshop Express is a web-based platform where the users will get the all creative tools of that they found in the desktop version of Adobe Photoshop Express. So, come and fix your images in a creative environment.

11. Sumo Paint

Sumo Paint is an online image editing and drawing platform that lets the users edit their photos as they like. Drawing, editing and effects tools of the Sumo Paint let the users deal with their photos as they think better. Everything that you need for creating dazzling photos is available in your browser. Just move to the official website of Sumo Paint and start exploring the features.

12. Thumba

Thumba is a full featured web-based image editor. Thumba is integrated with dozens of effects and adjustments tools that are very simple and easy-to-use. Thumba is a free, simple, fast and beautiful image editor. However, there is only one formality and that is the installation of the Microsoft Silverlight for better operational of the Thumba.

13. PsykoPaint

PsykoPaint is for those users who want to enjoy the world classy and enhanced image editing environment. Here it is PsykoPaint, a professional and advanced medium for editing the image of every type in order to give them a mastery and creative look. Moreover, PsykoPaint has also a drawing system that lets the users paint whatever they want to paint and then show off to others.

14. Fotor

Fotor is a free web based photo editor and collage maker. Fotor is integrated with dozens of designing and creating tools that assist the users in giving a new look to their photos. All those tools including filters system, frames, effects, stickers and others that the users need to create a mastery image are the part of the Fotor. You will really enjoy the features of Fotor.

15. Picasa

Picasa is basically an online photo sharing platform but it can be also used for editing and organizing the photos. Picasa enables the users to easily manage and organize their photos right from their PC. They can transform their photos with effects and by adding designs over them. After completed editing they can share it with others as well.

16. PhotoScape online

PhotoScape online is another platform for editing and transforming images in a technical environment.  PhotoScape online is integrated with dozens of editing, designing, filtering, effects, coloring and touching tools that enables the users to create an image as they have a mind.  PhotoScape online is such a great platform to give a new look to your ideas.

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