10 Music Apps like Songza


Songza is an app for streaming great music that has been curated by the great music experts around the globe. The best about Songza is that it always comes with great and fresh music. For example now a day you can explore here the best and original songs of the 2015 Oscars. For its features and functions, Songza can be …

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10 Apps like Depop to Buy and Sell


Depop is basically a trading application that lets the willing sellers sell anything through the platform of Depop. Just take the picture of item or product you want to sale and upload it at Depop and share with others. Depop is a digital selling shop in your pocked to sell anything. In addition to selling, there is also an option …

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10 Apps like High School Story Dating


High School Story is an adventure game that offers the gamers to build their own dreamed score, invite their friends to join that school. It is not about simply building school. Next there is arranging parties, trips, going on trip and vacations, recruit jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, make completion with the rival high school and much more just like you have …

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16 Apps like 1Password for Password Manager

16 Apps like 1Password for Password Manager

1Password is an application for smartphones the lets the smartphone users to keep the record of their important accounts and password at one place. The stunning features of 1Password are that it lets the users create a strong and unique for every website they used and store them in one place of 1Password. So, instead of remembering every single account …

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Top 26 Live Dynamic Wallpaper Apps


Dynamic wallpaper is that type of wallpaper that is usually found in Android and iOS operating systems. These type of wallpapers are entirely different from the static wallpaper. The main difference between dynamic and static wallpapers is that static wallpapers are motionless as they show no kind of movement while dynamic wallpaper remained in moving position either whole or a …

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Top 10 Apps like Episode


Episode is and adventure game for creating the story of your life. You have to act on the role of a man who is available with almost all necessities and interactive stories and he has to go for the best one paths. Play Episode and develop your own appearance, band and even whole life but take care you have to …

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Top 10 Apps like IMVU


IMVU is a 3D chatting platform for connecting with others. IMVU is an app for add your avatar to your own photos and sharing creations with others. Pose, draw and filter and make own posts and share with other friends. The unique about IMVU is that it enables the users to personalize and present their look by using over 20 …

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