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10 Best Laundry Apps like Washio


Washio is an on demand laundry and cleaning service that you can access from your smartphone in order to get everything at your doorstep. The process is very simple, just place your order and get your delivery on next day. By using this simple application you can ensure premium cleaning of your dirty clothes in a day. All of your order …

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11 Best Apps like EasyBib


EasyBib is the reference and bibliography generator application from where the students and researchers can automatically generate citation and bibliography in format APA, MLA, Chicago, and many other citation styles. It also provide the user with the system off automatically creating citations by simply scanning book barcode with the camera off smartphone. Below are those citation generator that can be used as an alternative to EasyBib. …

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Top 10 Apps like iFunny


iFunny is an entertainment application to enjoy the smiley images for free. It is also for sharing your best stuff with others as well. After using this application for the first time you will like its addictive features that will enable you to enjoy the best images features and sharing smiley content with others. iFunny can be used for various …

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10 Best Apps like Mint


Mint is a finance management application that delivers a personalized platform for money management. Bill payment record, credit card position, budget planning & management and tracking the record of investment. Mint can be said as personal finance management application for effectively managing the cash flow and investment at a centralized platform. It is integrated with those life-changing services that will …

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11 Best Apps like Zite


Zite was basically a personal news aggregator application that was shut down by its developers. It was basically acquired by the Flipboard. So now the user required to use Flipboard in order to access the magazine and content reading features of Zite. They can also simply tap on migrate to Flipboard button. Following are the best alternatives to Zite. 1. Flipboard Flipboard …

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10 Sites like iGoogle – iGoogle Alternatives


iGoogle is a customizable and highly personalized web portal that provide the users with various options to start their web page according to preferences of a search box system and dozens of others gadgets. It provides the users with options of creating multiple tabs. They can personalized the search system of iGoogle as they want by adding or removing news …

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11 Apps like Google Play Music


Google Play Music is a music application being regulated by the Google from where the music lovers can find, explore and stream music of all types. It can be access into two formats; either in shape of official website or from the app of Google Play Music.  But there is one problem with Google Play Music and there it is …

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11 Apps like Bitstrips


Bitstrips is an application for making the avatar or cartoon of self. By using the Bitstrips, the smartphone users can create their own avatar by selecting from the hundreds of styles and attributes. After that the users can also share it with other users as well. In addition to simply creating the avatar, Bitstrips lets the users to create the …

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