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12 Apps like 9CHAT


9CHAT is a communication application that connects the strangers with other strangers across the globe. 9CHATis the way to make new friends across the globe. It is basically the global community of new and strange people across the globe that work is a channel of communication among strange people across the globe. It is a way to discover the likeminded …

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10 Apps like Waze for Live Traffic Navigation


Waze is a community based traffic navigation application that totally utilised the technology of GPS. By using this application the smartphone users can enjoy the three basic features in shape of GPS, maps and traffic. This application is basically for the professional drivers and for those who love to drive their cars at own. Here the both will get the …

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11 Apps like Hola Launcher for Android


Hola Launcher is a simple and fat launcher for the smartphones that lets the users to easily movie from one part of the phone to another and easily access the favorite applications or simply switch to the settings. Here is a proper new way of keyboard that is for transforming your classical keyboard to another stylish keyboard and accessing everything …

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11 Apps like 8 Ball Pool


8 Ball Pool is a pool game by the Miniclip in shape of application of for the smartphones. It is currently the most trending game on both social media platforms and in the smartphone as well. 8 Ball Pool provide the smartphone users with the options of either practicing in the practice arena to refine and sharpen their skills or …

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10 Apps like Temple Run


Temple Run is the most popular endless and limitless video running game for the smartphone. Based on the lot of adventures all packed with the best graphics, Temple Run is a running game to collect the treasures that is spread all over the way. Collect as much as you can to increase your wroth but keep in mind it is …

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10 Best Apps like ABCmouse


ABCmouse is an online e-learning platform for the kids from where they parents can arrange educational sources for their kids that are available in game based exercise. It is not a free to use application, however, for the first thirty days of using ABCmouse is available for free. ABCmouse is the platform of almost 5,000 interactive learning activities that will …

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Top 10 Apps like Partyline


Partyline is communication application to randomly connect anyone in the world. It is not based on the planed connection. By using this application you can search for any person and after a connection can start taking in shape of voice chat. If the other person is interest in you then you can make a relationship as well. It is a …

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Best Apps like Timehop


Timehop is basically a time capsule application where you can see photos and updates from your history. This application actually provide with you the photos and celebrations from this exact day in history. By using this application you can celebrate the best moments of your past with your friends and family members. Everyday when you will get up it will display you the first …

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