10 Apps like Launcher 8 Pro


Launcher 8 Pro is an application for the smartphone users that make them able to enjoy the style, interface and most of the feature of Windows 8 right in their smartphone. It provides the users with the options of using the themes of Windows 8 and experiencing the almost all features and functions of the Windows 8. It is a best way to enjoy the Windows 8 without having Windows Phone. Here are the best alternatives to Launcher 8 Pro that you can use to enjoy the features and interface of Windows in other smartphones operating systems.

1. Launcher 8 WP style

At first there is Launcher 8 WP style that is considered as the best one application to enjoy the interface, style, themes and features of the Windows from any android operating system. It will make the screen of your Android device just like Windows Phone. Launcher 8 WP style provides the basic features of custom tile, status bar, lock screen, theme backup system, and many others.


2. Win 10 Launcher

Win 10 Launcher is one step further to Launcher 8 Pro as it provide the system for enjoying the Windows 10 features from your android device. It enable the android smartphone users to customize their entire smartphone in order to get the new style and stunning look. The technical features that are the part of Win 10 Launcher are customizable themes colors, navigation system, stylish tiles, etc.


3. 8.1 Metro Look Launcher

8.1 Metro Look Launcher is another great application for the Android smartphones to enjoy the look of Windows 8.1 right from the android smartphone. 8.1 Metro Look Launcher offers the fifteen HD Windows 8.1 themes. The features that are the part of 8.1 Metro Look Launcher are themes changing system, four dozens multiple color to customize the tiles colors, swipe system, etc.


4. WP8 Metro Launcher

For those smartphone users who want to change their Android styles and  designs with the Windows designs must use the WP8 Metro Launcher that provide them the option for keeping at side the Android apparent interface. It provides the android users with the HD themes and even more enhanced smoother user interface. It is a very lightweight application.


5. X Launcher Metro Look

X Launcher Metro Look is a highly personalized application that provide the users with a new world full of style and design. It is for those android users who want to enjoy the features, functions and interface of Windows from their smartphone. The features of X Launcher Metro Look are smoother user interface, customizable tiles, and much more.


6. Launcher Theme for Windows 10

Launcher Theme for Windows 10 is a Windows 10 theme launcher that in addition to supporting the system for launching themes of Windows 10 support the various other launchers like Apex, Nova, Next and ADW launcher. It provide the dozens of options and features to the users. Moreover, most of the feature of Launcher Theme for Windows 10 are highly customizable.


7. Blue Windows 7 GoLauncher Free

Blue Windows 7 GoLauncher Free is for enjoying the Windows 7 from any android smartphone. However, there is one problem in Blue Windows 7 GoLauncher Free and that is the system for enjoying themes only. It however change the wallpapers, folder, app style and icons designs just like the Windows 7 but still the features and functions of Blue Windows 7 GoLauncher Free are very limited.


8. Theme for Windows XP

The name of Theme for Windows XP is itself telling about this application that is for enjoying the Windows XP features and functions from the smartphone. It will transform the almost all of the settings of your android smartphone with the Windows XP. The features of Theme for Windows XP are manage apps, control the android phone features and functions and many other cool features.


9. Launcher 8 theme Nokia Blue

Launcher 8 theme Nokia Blue is based on the feature of Launcher 8 Pro. Just like Launcher 8 Pro, it also provide the smartphone users with the system of enjoying the default themes of Windows 8 in their smartphone. It change the icons, theme and other style of the android smartphone. Launcher 8 theme Nokia Blue is one of the best apps like Launcher8 Pro.


10. 10+ Window Theme

10+ Window Theme is also like above mentioned applications but at the same time is very different in many aspects as well. It is an application that will give you the chance of changing the entire look of your android smartphone with the Windows based themes. The best about 10+ Window Theme is that it supports the almost all leading launchers.


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