11 Apps like Google Authenticator for Two Factor Authentication


Google Authenticator is a security enhancement application for the smartphone that allow the users to double the security system of their smartphones. It is also called as two step verification system as well that lets the users to add the six to eight digit password on any of the function of the smartphone and restrict the access for the unwanted access by the third persons. Google Authenticator lets the users to even generated codes in airplane mode as well. Here is the list of the best alternatives to Google Authenticator.

1. Authy

Authy is said to be the one of the best two-factor authentication system for almost various platforms and applications. Authy provide the security enhancement solution to both individual and business persons. By using the Authy the users can ensure the security of the most of their online accounts and even the apps of smartphones. Authy is a simplest and easiest way to ensure the protection and get the notification in case of illegal access by anyone.

Platform: Android | iOS

2. Toopher

Toopher is an application to create the protection shield against the online fraud and hacking attacks. Just like Google Authenticator, Toopher supports the unlimited websites and accounts. Toopher allow the users to instantly link their smartphone with their online accounts and get the push notification in case of access by any one. Toopher is way to keep yourself protected all the time.

Platform: Android | iOS

3. FreeOTP Authenticator

FreeOTP Authenticator is a two factor password protection system to ensure the security of private and online information. By using the FreeOTP Authenticator the users can simply add the extra security layers to their online accounts. If talk about the compatibility then FreeOTP Authenticator is very featured rich in this case as it support the almost most of the online services.

Platform: Android | iOS

4. Authenticator Plus

Authenticator Plus is a protection and security layer adding application for the smartphones that enable the users to in addition to adding the extra security layers, synchronize their smart devices as well. By using the Authenticator Plus the smartphone users can ensure the safety of their online accounts by simply enabling the two steps verification system on most of the online accounts.

Platform: Android | iOS

5. Sophos Authenticator

Sophos Authenticator is an easy to use application that delivers the smartphone users with the system of multi-factor authentication system. The best feature of Sophos Authenticator is its system for generating the time and event based onetime password. It is a way to add the extra security layer on the online accounts and ensure their security and privacy.

Platform: Android | iOS

6. Duo Mobile

Duo Mobile is an advanced level of security enhancement application that allow the smartphone users to double the security level of their online accounts. This two factor authentication system make the all type of logins for almost all websites safe and secure. Duo Mobile is one of the best apps like Google Authenticator and provide the most of the security features just like Google Authenticator.

Platform: Android | iOS

7. Token2 Mobile OTP

Token2 Mobile OTP is a two and multi factor based authentication system that provide the security enhancement system for the most of the online accounts like Google, Facebook, Dropbox and various others. When it comes the compatibility system of the Token2 Mobile OTP then it support the almost all type of protection and code generating systems.

Platform: Android | iOS


SAASPASS is a web based multi factor authentication system that has basically replaced traditional system of use4rname and password with the scan barcode system. It even offer the users with the system of remote login as well. After using the SAASPASS, you will come into position of using a new way of authentication system instead of using password all the time.

Platform: iOS

9. 2STP Authenticator

2STP Authenticator is a highly advanced and professional level of two step authentication code system that allow the users to easily secure their all of their online accounts by adding the extra security layers on all. It is a totally free two factor authentication application that is free from all kind of advertisements. The best about 2STP Authenticator is that it is highly synchronisable for multiple devices as well.

Platform: iOS

10. OTP Authenticator

OTP Authenticator is an open source two factor security setting system for the Android devices that is based on the strong permission system. It lets the users to set the one time password for each of their accounts and ensure their privacy. The best about OTP Authenticator is that it is highly compatible with the Google Authenticator as well.

Platform: Android

11. SoundLogin Authenticator

SoundLogin Authenticator is the simplified version of the two factor authentication system that allow the users to add multiple password on their online accounts. The best about SoundLogin Authenticator is that it supports the almost all type of devices and operating systems and can be even access from the SMS and Google Authenticator as well.

Platform: Android

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