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Best 10 Apps like Acapella


From the creators PicPlayPost, Acapella is an application for the singer and musicians by using which they can easily create the stunning cappella videos. It is a way to elevate the performance by easily making the multi-platform jam or harmonies by utilizing the multiple instruments, the process contains only three simple steps – selecting a layout, recording the videos, and …

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10 Best Apps like ABCmouse


ABCmouse is an online e-learning platform for the kids from where they parents can arrange educational sources for their kids that are available in game based exercise. It is not a free to use application, however, for the first thirty days of using ABCmouse is available for free. ABCmouse is the platform of almost 5,000 interactive learning activities that will …

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Best 10 Apps like Ableton Live


Ableton is a music production application and a digital audio workstation for the music lovers who are found of creating unique and decent music all the time. By using this application they will be able to get the services of Live, Push, and Link. By deploying the products of the Ableton they will get the chance of improving their music …

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10 Apps like Yousician Guitar


Yousician Guitar is a guitar learning application that provides you with instruments and system of step-by-step learning o guitar. You can start by simply uploading your favorite track and then a virtual guitar keyboard will display on your screen where you can easily practice for playing guitar. By using this application you can learn playing guitar like a professional. Following …

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Top 10 Apps like Partyline


Partyline is communication application to randomly connect anyone in the world. It is not based on the planed connection. By using this application you can search for any person and after a connection can start taking in shape of voice chat. If the other person is interest in you then you can make a relationship as well. It is a …

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11 Apps like 7 Minute Workout


7 Minute Workout is an exercise application that is based on those scientific principles that will assist you in maintaining your good health. By using this application you will be able to get your weight loss and improve your health and fitness. This application is best for those who want to lose their weights and get rid of fat tummy and …

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Best Apps like Timehop


Timehop is basically a time capsule application where you can see photos and updates from your history. This application actually provide with you the photos and celebrations from this exact day in history. By using this application you can celebrate the best moments of your past with your friends and family members. Everyday when you will get up it will display you the first …

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Top 10 Apps like Shyp


Shyp is a pickup; package and delivery provide service that provide the users packing and delivery services at affordable prices. Shyp has made the shopping easy and simple. Just take the snap of your product and send it to the Shyp and then Shyp will make its shipment easy. All of your products will be pickup by the Shyp within …

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