10 Apps like Yahoo Fantasy Sports

 sportsYahoo Fantasy Sports is a sports application for both iOS and Android smartphones from where the sports loves may easily know about the latest scores of any match, news, standings, fantasy news & games, and lot of other stuff. Just pick your favorite sport or game and all there. The users can even switch between two sports as well and can manage for his favorite teams as well. Every information about the listed sports and games are the part of the Yahoo Fantasy Sports. Following are the sports apps that are the perfect alternatives to Yahoo Fantasy Sports.

1. Star Sports

Star Sports is although named as an application for getting the live scores and information about cricket only, however, the fact is that Star Sports provide the live score and other kind of information about football, Formula 1, basketball, kabaddi and several other sports as well. Just select for your favorite match and then the live scores will start to display at the home screen.

Platform: Android | iOS | Windows Phone

2. theScore

The live score of football, basketball, hockey, baseball, soccer, golf, auto racing, tennis and various other are the part of theScore. theScore is a great source of getting the updates of sports scores, news and states and all in real-time. Here the users can even create their own personalized stream of sports news, scores, and the information about league and tournament matches as well.

Platform: Android | iOS 

3. CBS Sports Fantasy

CBS Sports Fantasy is a fantasy sports applications for getting the live score and information about football, hockey and baseball. CBS Sports Fantasy basically fetch the real-time data from the lot of other sports and games channels including NFL, ESPN, Yahoo and the own website of CBS Sports Fantasy as well. CBS Sports Fantasy is the best for getting score to player news and lot of other information.

Platform: Android | iOS 

4. LiveScore

LiveScore is one of the best sport applications for getting the real-time score and updates of any normal or league match that is currently playing on in the any part of the world. Through LiveScore, the sport lovers of football, ice hockey, hockey, basketball and cricket lovers can easily get the real-time score of any of these sports.

Platform: Android | iOS


ESPN is yet another sport application for getting the minute-to-minute scores of almost all type of sports and games. It is not about getting the scores and information about any tournament only. ESPN provide the smartphone users with the live audio and video streaming as well. So, in addition to getting the news and scores, enhance your experience for live matches as well.

Platform: Android | iOS

6. Eurosport Livescore

When it comes to a best sports and games applcaitions then Eurosport Livescore will be surely there because it provide the all-news on almost all the important league matches and competitions in the play grounds. Eurosport Livescore is a way to get the minute to minute live score and other information of the most of the matches. The users can get the information of their favorite player as well.

Platform: Android | iOS

7. SuperSport

SuperSport is a new way to enhance the sporting experience in shape if viewing the live scores, standings, team performances, points table, substitutions and much more in addition to simple match updates. The best about this application is that it provide the users with the system of setting the alarm and reminder for the upcoming match and at the same day they will get the notification to get ready for the match.

Platform: Android | iOS

8. NBC Sports Live Extra

NBC Sports Live Extra is an application to watch the live scores of the thousands of matches and sporting events for free. If you are a true sports lovers then at NBC Sports Live Extra you will find the minute to minute scores and live updates of the golf, football, Formula One race car, horse racing and lot of other sports in a user-friendly environment.

Platform: Android | iOS

9. ScoreCube

ScoreCube is an ultimate application for sports lovers that is featuring the live scores, updates, standings, points table, newsfeeds and other information about most of the sports. ScoreCube is the simplest and fastest way of getting the live scores and information about most of the matches from a single and highly personalized scoreboard of the ScoreCube.

Platform: Android | iOS

10. Scores Widget

Scores Widget is a unique type of sports information providing apps that is based on widgets just like its name Scores Widget. By installing the Scores Widget you will be not required to open the Scores Widget every time to get the score of any sport because it appears as a widget on the home screen and then from there the users can easily view the latest scores.

Platform: Android 

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