11 Apps like Hola Launcher for Android

Hola Launcher is a simple and fat launcher for the smartphones that lets the users to easily movie from one part of the phone to another and easily access the favorite applications or simply switch to the settings. Here is a proper new way of keyboard that is for transforming your classical keyboard to another stylish keyboard and accessing everything of the smartphone. Hola Launcher even lets the users to customize their smartphones by using the available delightful themes, wallpapers, and fonts in the Hola Launcher. Here are the launchers that can be used as alternatives to Hola Launcher.

1. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is a highly customizable launcher that provide the smartphone users a performance driven service and all basic functions of access from the home screen of your device. Nova Launcher contains the almost all type of launcher in shape of custom grid, scrollable dock, scroll effects, infinite scroll, folder icons, backup and restore system, gestures, hide apps system, icon swipes system and a lot of others.

Platform: Android

2. Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is a way to get the new customized experience on the home screen of your Android smartphone. Apex Launcher provides the users with the customizable home screens of almost nine and all are in the grid size. Then there is proper scrollable dock that supports the up to seven icons per page and even up to five pages as well.

Platform: Android

3. ADW.Launcher

ADW.Launcher is an open source launcher for the Android smartphones and tablets of all types. For those Android users who are getting bored from the default home screen of their device then simply install the ADW.Launcher and get a highly customized home screen features. Configurable visual desktop indicators are also the part of this application.

Platform: Android

4. GO Launcher EX

GO Launcher EX is an advanced, beautiful and sleek home screen, theme and wallpaper launcher that will give a new personalized look to your smartphone. GO Launcher EX provides its users with almost thousands of mobile themes, wallpapers to get the new dress and skin for their smartphones on daily basis, Lot of other features are also there to explore.

Platform: Android

5. Yahoo Aviate Launcher

Yahoo Aviate Launcher is the name of simplicity and beauty that will give a brand new look to your smartphone. Yahoo Aviate Launcher lets the smartphone and tablet users to get their apps and other information organized automatically. By using this they can easily find that for which they are looking for. Yahoo Aviate Launcher is a way to make the smart screen of smartphone smarter.

Platform: Android

6. Buzz Launcher

Buzz Launcher is the one of the best alternatives to your old customed launcher that provide you with tens of thousands of homescreens that you can select according to your on demand and requirement. Buzz Launcher is way to make your device even more interesting and entertaining one. Countless innovations of the Buzz Launcher will make your phone innovative.

Platform: Android

7. LINE Launcher

Integrated with the shiny stickers, colorful themes and lot of other stuff, here is the LINE Launcher that will fully optimized your smart device and will make your device like a brand-new in few twinkle. Thousands of brand new themes and almost one hundred beautiful wallpaper are packed in this application to wide your area of choice for your device.

Platform: Android

8. iLauncher

iLauncher is a launcher for Android smartphones that comes with the features and functions of smooth scrolling, best animations, system for long touch in order to edit the icon and various other functionalities that you will surely desire to must have in your smart device. However, iLauncher is for launching purpose but its more focus is on the icons.

Platform: Android

9. Google Now Launcher

Called it either new type of homescreen launcher or the update for your smartphone both are right for the Google Now Launcher. Google Now Launcher is the way to get a new type of homescreen where you can enjoy the highly personalized swapping, quick access to search system, easily access to your apps and settings and many more.

Platform: Android

10. ZenUI Launcher

ZenUI Launcher is a simple and sleek yet highly customizable launcher that enable the smartphone users to manage their smartphones in a new way. Everything that can be said as must have feature for a homescreen launcher is the part of the ZenUI Launcher where they users can find quick search system, smart group making system for favorite apps, choose themes to get new style, etc.

Platform: Android

11. Solo Launcher

Most of the launcher available in the application store although provide the best features and functions to the users but at the same time they adversely affect the performance of the devices as well. They also create bad effects on the battery life as well. Here is the Solo Launcher that in addition to theme, wallpaper and other functionalities provide the users with cleaning and boosting system as well.

Platform: Android

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