11 Best Ringtone Maker Apps

Ringtone-MakerRingtone maker applications are those applications that lets the smartphone users to create the ringtones, SMS alerts, reminder and notification alerts ringtones and sounds for their smartphones. The best ringtone making application are those that provide the users with the customizable features to create ringtone of all types for their smartphone. Here is the list of ten best ringtone making application that can be used for making the apps. This article is not about the ringtone maker app tutorial and not about ranking what is a good ringtone app for smartphones. Here we are listing the ringtone maker.

1. Zedge

First of all there is Zedge that is basically a multipurpose application for the smartphones. It provide the smartphone users with the system of creating the ringtones, wallpapers and even themes for their smartphones. But here we are discussing it features of making ringtone that lets the users to either create a new ringtone or convert a song into ringtone.

Platform: Android Windows Phone

2. Audiko

Audiko is a free ringtone maker and provider. Audiko allow the smartphone users to create the ringtone from their favorite tracks. Instead of creating the ringtones at their own they can also go for direclt downloading ringtones from the database of Audiko as well. The best about Audiko is that it allow the users to create custom ringtones for their devices easily and simply.

Platform: Android

3. Cellsea

Just like Zedge, Cellsea is also a multifunctional application that allow the smartphone users to create their own custom ringtones and wallpapers. Here the users can also download ringtones and wallpapers as well. The best about Cellsea is it supports the wide range of audio files for creating the ringtones. The users can utilized the songs in formats of MP3, WAV, AMR, 3GPP, AAC and MP4 to get their ringtone.

Platform: Android

4. Ringtone Maker Mp3 Editor

Ringtone Maker Mp3 Editor is basically a ringtone maker and cutter that lets the users to either upload the entire song to get the ringtone or cut a specific part of the their favorite track and get the ringtone, alarm alert, music file or notification from that track. Ringtone Maker Mp3 Editor support the almost all audio formats for making the custom ringtones and alert tones.

Platform: Android

5. Ringtone Designer

Ringtone Designer is a ringtone creator that allow the smartphone users to easily create unlimited text tones, email alerts, notifications alerts, ringtones and lot of other tones for free. However, in the free version of the Ringtone Designer the users have to face the advertisement that will disrupt their work while creating ringtones. Other features of the Ringtone Designer are really out-class.

Platform: iOS

6. Ringtones

Ringtones is an application that provide the smartphone users with two options either to browse tones from the collection of hundreds of ringtones of the Ringtones or go for creating their own ringtones from their favorite songs on their phone. The users of Ringtones can enjoy creation of as much ringtones as much they want and can record custom sounds as ringtones as well.

Platform: iOS

7. Ringtone Slicer & Maker Beta

Ringtone Slicer & Maker Beta is basically an audit editor that also work as a ringtone maker as well. Ringtone Slicer & Maker Beta lets its users to simply edit their favorite track and convert it for getting notifications alerts and ringtones. Ringtone Slicer & Maker Beta is the best one ringtone application that can be used for getting ringtone and alerts of almost all types.

Platform: Android

8. Ringdroid

Ringdroid is a special open source application for creating the custom ringtones for the phone. By using this application you will be able to easily craft the best personal ringtones, notification and alarms and alerts from your own favorite music and audio song. The best about Ringdroid is that it supports the almost all type of audio files for the purpose of creating ringtones and alerts as well.

Platform: Android

9. Ringtone Maker for Android

Ringtone Maker for Android is a free ringtone making application that lets the Android smartphone users to create ringtones of all type including notification and alarms as well. They are only required to upload their favorite music in MP3 format and get the ringtone of that music within few minutes. There is also a proper editing system in Ringtone Maker for Android that lets the users to cut the irrelevant areas as well.

Platform: Android

10. Ringtone Maker for iPhone

Ringtone Maker for iPhone is a ringtone making application that allow the iOS users to use their music and songs to create ringtones, text tones, tweet alert, mail alerts, SMS alert, calendar alert, reminder alert, and even an alarm clock sound as well. All will be done by using your own favorite music. You can even use the music of iPod as well to get all these tones.

Platform: iOS

11. Ringtone Maker for Windows Phone

Ringtone Maker for Windows Phone is an application that provide its users with two basic functions of making ringtones and downloading from the database of Ringtone Maker for Windows Phone as well. Thousands of ringtones in almost forty categories are available in the Ringtone Maker for Windows Phone. The users can create their own as well.

Platform: Windows Phone

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