10 Apps like WiFi Master Key for Free WiFi


WiFi Master Key is an application to make your WiFi safe and secure and to ensure your security and privacy as well. WiFi Master Key is basically an application that detects the free shared WiFi available around you and then you can simply connect with them. When you will install this application and run it for scanning for the WiFi available around you. It will after detecting the all will show the blue key sing in fort of those that are free to use or that are shared by the owners or you can say that are without password. So, use WiFi Master Key and search for free WiFi in your area. Here are those WiFi finding applications that can be used as alternatives to WiFi Master Key.

1. WiFi Map

WiFi Map is a way to enjoy the free WiFi in the public places. Just like WiFi Master Key, WiFi Map automatically detect the public WiFi available nearby you and detect the passwords of these WiFi as well and in the end lets the users to enjoy the free WiFi for unlimited time. The best about WiFi Map is that it is offering its services in almost all countries of the world.

Platform: Android | iOS

2. WifiMapper

WifiMapper is the world’s largest database of free WiFi where you can find those café and public places that are providing free WiFi. By using this application you can even search for even those hotspots as well that are operating without any password restriction. The main advantage of using WifiMapper is that you can use it at both local and international level.

Platform: Android | iOS

3. Wifimaps: free wifi +passwords

Wifimaps: free wifi +passwords is a way to stay connected with the millions of hotspots and open internet connection across the globe. The excited thing about Wifimaps: free wifi +passwords is that it has a global coverage. It even lets the smartphone users to even enjoy the free Wifi in the remote areas as well. In most of the password protected WiFi, Wifimaps: free wifi +passwords provides the passwords as well.

Platform: Android | iOS

4. WiFi Chùa – Free WiFi Password

At last there is WiFi Chùa – Free WiFi Password that is a free way to search for free WiFi connections along with passwords. WiFi Chùa – Free WiFi Password is the database of almost millions of locations along with the hotspots and public internet in these areas. By installing the WiFi Chùa – Free WiFi Password, you can also enjoy the free WiFi by making free and easy connection with these hotspots.

Platform: Android | iOS

5. WiFi Free

WiFi Free is a WiFi locating application that bring out the hotspot passwords of the WiFi being used in your surroundings. This applications basically contains all most all those passwords that are being used across the globe and whenever after in stallion of wifi free your device will detect a hotspot in your area, wifi free will provide you the password of that WiFi and then you are free to go.

Platform: Android

6. Wifi Spot

Wifi Spot is a global application by using which you can easily come to know about the free WiFi hotspots across the globe and then can easily connect with all these. The best about Wifi Spot is that it provide the users with a secure and secret based hotspot map where the users in addition to utilizing the hotspots can ensure the safety of their privacy as well.

Platform: iOS

7. Swift WiFi:Global WiFi Sharing

Swift WiFi:Global WiFi Sharing is basically a WiFi sharing application but still you can use it for enjoying the free WiFi. This is an application that basically detects for the available hotspots in your area and provide the passwords of that hotspots as well and then you can enjoy the free WiFi by connecting with any of them. Your privacy will be also ensured by the Swift WiFi:Global WiFi Sharing.

Platform: Android

8. FREE WiFi HotSpots

FREE WiFi HotSpots is yet another hotspot and WiFi finder application that provide you password-free hotspot in your surroundings. The free services of FREE WiFi HotSpots are available for almost fifty countries across the globe. When for the first time you will use the FREE WiFi HotSpots in the areas that are covered by the FREE WiFi HotSpots, you will find the free hotspots in that area.

Platform: iOS

9. Free WiFi Finder

Free WiFi Finder is similar to the FREE WiFi Hotspots as it is offering its services for fifty countries only. Free WiFi Finder provide the smartphone users with the system of detecting for the free hotspot available in their nearby areas. The best thing about Free WiFi Finder is that there is no prior requirement of having an internet connection to locate these hotspots.

Platform: iOS

10. Free WiFi Internet Finder

Free WiFi Internet Finder is a legal way of getting the free WiFi. It is exactly like the WiFi Master Key as it detects those WiFi and internet connections that are not secured and available for free. By using this application, you can enjoy the full access to these internet and public hotspots. Free WiFi Internet Finder is the best application for enjoying the free internet where there will be no threat to your privacy as well.

Platform: Android

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