11 Apps like 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is a pool game by the Miniclip in shape of application of for the smartphones. It is currently the most trending game on both social media platforms and in the smartphone as well. 8 Ball Pool provide the smartphone users with the options of either practicing in the practice arena to refine and sharpen their skills or go for one on one challenge with the other smartphone users. So, play 8 Ball Pool and put as many balls in the pocket as much you can because the time is running. If you want to enjoy more than here are the top best alternatives to the 8 Ball Pool.

1. Pro Pool 2015

There is no benefit of a pool or billiard game if it fails in providing its players with the realistic and genuine experience of pool to its players. To provide the users with the same level of experience here is the Pro Pool 2015 whose simple click and play feature provide the users a realistic experience and the player feels as he is playing it physically.

Platform: Android | iOS

2. The King of Pool Billiards

The King of Pool Billiards is for playing head to head with your friends and also playing in the practice arena as well. Here you can challenge your friend and even the apps itself to show your real experience in playing the pool games. The smoother ball movements and then the system of global leaderboards to show your achievements are the main features of The King of Pool Billiards.

Platform: Android | iOS

3. Billiards: 8 Ball Pool Snooker

The best about Billiards: 8 Ball Pool Snooker is that it is suitable for playing pool tournaments. At present there are almost 220 different pool challenges that you can make to your friends. Billiards: 8 Ball Pool Snooker is game that contains the features and functions of realistic pool and billiard. You can also improve your skills as well by simply moving to the training mode.

Platform: Android | iOS

4. Pool Live Tour

Time to move for the online tour and tournament of pool matches. It is Pool Live Tour where you can get the chance of playing the pool matches with the professional pool players across the globe. Offline mode is also available in the Pool Live Tour but most of the players like to play Pool Live Tour for online matches with the experienced pool and billiards players.

Platform: Android | iOS

5. 8 Ball Pool by Storm8

Get ready to show the path to the balls to the pockets and tear up the felt. Here is the 8 Ball Pool by Storm8 that will provide you with the option of playing pool offline or even online by inviting your friends or some other real people in order to challenge the,. 8 Ball Pool by Storm8 is a highly customizable game and you can make the table of your own requirement. Here you can arrange the tournaments as well.

Platform: iOS

6. Pool 3-in-1

Pool 3-in-1 is a classical billiard game in a modern style where you can choose from three basic modes of games in shape of solo, 8 ball and 9 ball. It is up to you either you like to play alone or challenge someone else. In order to challenge the random people across the globe, you are required to have a WiFi connection in order to challenge the random players across the globe.

Platform: iOS

7. Pool Billiards Pro

Pool Billiards Pro is a realistic 3D ball based animation game and many a time best than 8 Ball Pool. For those who love to play Pool games will surely like the distinctive playing style and interface of the Pool Billiards Pro as there they will be provided with a best touching system throughout the game. There are two games in this application that are 8 Ball and 9 Ball Pool.

Platform: Android

8. Pool Billiards Pro 8 Ball Snooker Game

Pool Billiards Pro 8 Ball Snooker Game is really a wonderful and fantastic billiard game that comes with the customizable saloon setting where you can create your own club before going to play the game. The best thing about Pool Billiards Pro 8 Ball Snooker Game is a system for either playing alone or challenging a friend to double the fun and thrill in the multiplayer mode. Pool Billiards Pro 8 Ball Snooker Game will provide you a realistic experience.

Platform:  iOS

9. Pool

Pool is yet another best pool game where you can make challenge to your friend to decide who the best player of pool is. Pool is a pool game that is available in one and two player modes. One player mode is for playing against the mobile and two players mode is to make challenge to the others. Here you will find the real 3D ball animation experience as well.

Platform: iOS

10. Billiards Blitz: 8 Ball Pool Snooker

There is a unique pool game where there is fixed time for each game. Only three minutes will be allowed to you to get the highest scores in these three minutes. Billiards Blitz: 8 Ball Pool Snooker is the best game for gaining gripping over managing the time efficiently while playing the Billiards Blitz: 8 Ball Pool Snooker. The skills that you will learn here can be used in the real pool matches as well.

Platform:  iOS

11. Billiards 2016 – 8 Ball Pool

Billiards 2016 – 8 Ball Pool is a pool game that is also known as the billiard game as well where there are wide range of playing modes and all are there to give you real challenge. There are variety of games in a single Billiards 2016 – 8 Ball Pool that will give you a real challenge in clearing these. However, it is not the perfect alternative to the Billiards 2016 – 8 Ball Pool but you can also use it as a replacement for 8 Ball Pool as well.

Platform: Android

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