Top 11 Apps like Photomath


Photomath is basically a math problem solving application for the smartphone users that lets them to take the snap of the problem and upload it in the Photomath and get the answer of their problem. Photomath is one of the best problem solving applications that lets the users to simply use the camera of their smartphone and get the answer of their problem in real-time. Photomath is the must have application for both teachers and students as using this they will come into position go solving their math problems easily in real-time. Here is are those problem solving applications that can be used as alternatives to Photomath.

1. Mathway

Mathway is a math problem solving application for easily solving the algebra, trigonometry, geometry, calculus and many other mathematics fields. The best about Mathway is that it can be even used to get the answers of the statistical problems as well. The willing users of Mathway are only required to get the snap of the problem and get their problem solved in real-time.

Platform: Android | iOS

2. FX Math Solver

FX Math Solver is another mathematical problem solving application that assist the students in getting their all type of mathematical problems solved. FX Math Solver can be used for solving the problems of algebra, factorization, calculus, equation, inequality, graph, limit, integral, deviates and almost all type of mathematical problems and equations.

Platform: Android | iOS

3. Math Expert

Math Expert is basically the database of almost all mathematical formulas and by inserting the values of a problem, the students or teachers can get the mathematical problems resolved in few seconds only. The time for getting back the answer depends upon your speed for inserting the values of the problem. It provide the step by step solution of any mathematical problem.

Platform: Android | iOS

4. yHomework

yHomework is a full math solver for those students who have been continuously facing trouble with the problems of algebra, inequalities, graphs, equations or other type of mathematical problems. These student must use the yHomework and they will get back the 100% accurate answer of their mathematical problems. yHomework provide the users with the step-to-step solution and explanation.

Platform: Android | iOS

5. iMathematics

iMathematics is a unique application that in addition to assisting you in solving the mathematical problems assist you in revising your mathematical concepts and skills. iMathematics is basically integrated with the almost all formulas, theorems, and definitions and by using the application of iMathematics the students can learn and revise their mathematical concepts easily.

Platform: Android | iOS

6. Math Solver by iKaes

Math Solver by iKaes is a simple yet powerful educational application to solve the basic mathematical problems. Unlike those applications where users get the answer of their problems by giving the image of questions, the students of Math Solver by iKaes are required to type their question in the Math Solver by iKaes and in return they will get the answer along with step-by-step detail.

Platform: Android | iOS

7. Symbolab Math Solver

Symbolab Math Solver is a step-by-step problem solver for solving the mathematical problems related to algebra, trigonometry, and calculus. For those who are looking for a comprehensive application by using which they come into position of getting the detailed answer of the almost all type of mathematics problems then here is the Symbolab Math Solver to assist these users.

Platform: Android | iOS

8. Math Helper Lite – Algebra

Math Helper Lite – Algebra is a math problem solver for getting the solution of only Algebra based problems. It is one of the best applications for getting math problems solved because it provide the users with the step-by-step solution so that they should be familiar with the basic concept behind any problem. It is although not like Photomath but still can be used for algebraic purpose.

Platform: Android

9. MalMath

MalMath is a step-by-step math problem solver that is little different from the above mentioned math problem solving applications. Instead of providing the users with a system for taking the pic of the problem and getting the answer back, MalMath lets the users to type the question or any equation and get back the answer along with the description of what were the concepts behind that answers.

Platform: Android

10. AutoMath Photo Calculator

AutoMath Photo Calculator is mathematical problem solving application where the students are only required to first take the snap of their snap and upload at the AutoMath Photo Calculator and in return they will get the answer back in the real-time. However, there is one limitation here. The basic questions will be answered by the AutoMath Photo Calculator while complex problems will be solved by its tutors that can charge price for solution as well.

Platform: Android

11. Cymath

Here is another application that is expert in solving any of the mathematical problem. Just enter you math problem and get the answer by watching the step-by-step solutions of how it is being solved by the Cymath. Cymath can be used for almost all type of math problems solving. The best about Cymath is that its interface is very simple and it provide the answer in the real-time. For the ease of users, a special math keyboard is also available in this application.

Platform: Android

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