10 Apps like Temple Run


Temple Run is the most popular endless and limitless video running game for the smartphone. Based on the lot of adventures all packed with the best graphics, Temple Run is a running game to collect the treasures that is spread all over the way. Collect as much as you can to increase your wroth but keep in mind it is not so easy as lot of hurdles and obstacles are there that are waiting for you. It is not the only treasure based running game. Here are the best alternatives to Temple Run.

1. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is one of the best gaming apps like Subway Surfers that has make a perfect competition with the Subway Surfers and process is still on. Just like Temple Run, Subway Surfers is also an endless running mobile game. Here you are required to run as much as you can and have to escape from the tricky inspector and his dog who are running behind you.

PlatformAndroid | iOS| Windows Phone

2. Rail Rush

Rail Rush is the new world of endless journey where you are required to run and collect the precious stones that comes on your path. Just imagine you are in cart and everywhere there are a lot of precious stones and you have been assigned with the tasks of collecting as much stone as you can then who will you manage all these? Just play the Rail Rush and give answer by your performance.

Platform: Android | iOS| Windows Phone

3. Sonic Dash

Sonic Dash is a unique type of endless running game that is available in shape of application for the smartphone users of Windows, iOS and Android operating systems. Here they will enjoy the almost all those features and adventures that they have encountered while playing the Temple Run. The graphics and thrill of Sonic Dash is many a time better than Temple Run.

PlatformAndroid iOS Windows Phone

4. Ninja Kid Run

Ninja Kid Run is another exciting runner game where everything is almost endless. It will be even hard for you to get this game finish too much early. You are the ninja of you area and you are running to save your life and on the way there are lot of obstacles, blocks and obstructions and you have to avoid and escape from all these. Run as fast as you can in order to get your life saved.

PlatformAndroid | iOS| Windows Phone

5. Turbo FAST

Can a tortoise be so fast? If you have read or listened the hare and tortoise story then your answer will be surely a big no. But here is the proof that even a tortoise can run at fast speed if it want to do so. Turbo FAST is a basically a racing game where there are thirteen unique and challenging tracks to test your skills and expertise. From single playing mode to challenging mode; both are the part of this racing game.

PlatformAndroid | iOS| Windows Phone

6. Angry Birds Go!

Angry Birds Go! is another kart based running game where the Angry Birds are making race with each other. So, lets join the race by selecting your favorite Angry Bird and go on a race with other Angry Birds. Angry Birds Go! is full with thrilling and adventures modes that will shatter your mind when you will enjoy the racing on the stunt roads, air courses and off-road races.

PlatformAndroid | iOS| Windows Phone

7. Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride is yet another endless action and running video gaming application for almost all smartphones and the major mobile operating systems. You have to start with a legendary machine gun jetpack and have to eradicate the evil forces but at the same time have to keep your life safe as well by doing all these. Crafted with full graphics and the availability of high-end touch system makes the Jetpack Joyride best one racing game.

PlatformAndroid iOS Windows Phone

8. Bus Rush

Here comes the Bus Rush, another amazing and mind blowing endless running game where you are required to collect the gold coins all with saving your life as well because you have to avoid hitting the buses and trucks as well that will come into your way in shape of obstacle and hurdles. Easy to see in pictures but difficult when it is about playing.

PlatformAndroid | iOS

9. Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Despicable Me: Minion Rush is a running game for those player who are the real fan of the Minion. Here they will be assigned with the role of running Minion and are required to collect the exotic fruits. You are doing so because you have to make the yummy jelly in the end. But it is not about collecting fruits only you have to escape from the hurdles and are required to run fast as well.

PlatformAndroid iOSWindows Phone

10. Angry Gran Run – Running Game

Here is the last alternatives to the Temple Run in shape of Angry Gran Run – Running Game that is also to enjoy the endless running and racing. But here instead of Minion or any other hero you are a granny and has been stuck away in the Angry Asylum and now you are planning to escape. Successfully you came out the asylum but now you have to run to save your life.

PlatformAndroid iOSWindows Phone

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