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From the creators PicPlayPost, Acapella is an application for the singer and musicians by using which they can easily create the stunning cappella videos. It is a way to elevate the performance by easily making the multi-platform jam or harmonies by utilizing the multiple instruments, the process contains only three simple steps – selecting a layout, recording the videos, and then sharing with others. Here are the best alternatives to Acapella.

1. Acapella Maker

Acapella Maker is a video collage maker by deploying your own track and video. Acapella Maker will provide you the instruments to create a best one Acapella. The best about Acapella Maker is that it allow the users to select the video length from six seconds to one minute, after choosing the layout, the users are required to fill it with videos and after combining, share it with friends.

Platform: Android 

2. PicPlayPost

PicPlayPost is a basically a video collage maker that can be utilized for creating and telling the beautiful stories of your to the world. It is an application that supports the creation in shape of videos, photos and music. Almost fifty adjustable frames are available in single PicPlayPost that require one tap to select. Then there are stunning layouts and collage making functions to wind up you work in a best way.

Platform: Android | iOS

3. Ditty by Zya

Ditty by Zya is an application full with entertainment that will read our message and text in voice. Whatever you type in your smartphone, it will be sing out by the Ditty by Zya. You can even make videos of yours as well and can share with your friends. In addition to all this, Ditty by Zya even lets the users to add GIFs as well and share with others as well.

Platform: Android | iOS

4. Vidstitch Free

Vidstitch Free is basically video collage application that contains the two basic features of collaging photos and videos at the same time or separately and sharing with your friends. The process starts by simply choosing a frame according to your own requirement and after that start combining the photos and videos and in the end sharing on the social media platforms.

Platform: Android | iOS

5. Acapella Mix Free

Acapella Mix Free is an application that allows the smartphone users to combine up to nine scenes to create their unique #AcapellaMix. They are also permitted to save, edit and watermark to their #AcapellaMix as well and can use the Metronome of the Acapella Mix Free as well for synchronization. And in the end, sharing on social media platforms is also permitted by the Acapella Mix Free.

Platform: Android

6. Player for Acapella singing

Player for Acapella singing is an application for those Acapella lovers who are looking for the funniest and beautiful Acapella videos. These users must explore the Player for Acapella singing where they will find out the thousands of videos and sounds. There is a player of Acapella from where they can enjoy the highest quality of videos as well.

Platform: Android

7. Acapella Videos and Music

Acapella Videos and Music is another application from where you can easily get the best one Acapella videos. You are allowed to either watch them or download any of the sound or video to make it the permanent part of your personal digital media library. Acapella Videos and Music lets its users to share the videos with their friends as well. Each time it comes with dozens of free Acapella videos.

Platform: Android

8. Acapela TTS Voices

Acapela TTS Voices is a dedicated place for buying and installing the high quality sounds and voices and then integrating them in the smartphones in order to use them with the system or TTS compatible applications like GPS apps, translating based application, news reader to Google Talkback. The users can easily browse from the list of voices that are listed here.

Platform: Android

9. VudVid

VudVid is basically a musical based video creating application from where the users can create in addition to simple musical videos, dubbed videos as well. There are variety of sounds that will automatically adjust to your videos and voices through the lips synchronizing tools of the VudVid. The users can control even the speed of their motion as well in order to get the perfect result.

Platform: Android

10. Dubsmash

Dubsmash is although not much like Acapella but can be used as an alternative to Acapella up to some extent. However, there is no system of video collaging in this application. This application is basically for creating the dubmash videos by recording a short clip of yours and then adding any dialogue over that video. This system is currently very trending on the internet.

Platform: Android | iOS

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