10 Best Apps like ABCmouse


ABCmouse is an online e-learning platform for the kids from where they parents can arrange educational sources for their kids that are available in game based exercise. It is not a free to use application, however, for the first thirty days of using ABCmouse is available for free. ABCmouse is the platform of almost 5,000 interactive learning activities that will groom the mind of your child. It covers the topic related to reading, math, science arts, music and much more. Here are those other learning applications that can be used as alternatives to ABCmouse.

1. PBS KIDS Video

PBS KIDS Video is the platform of interesting videos and educational material that will groom the mental level of your kids. It contains the larger set of educational videos that are available in educational category of reading, math, science and much more. The best about this educational application is that everything there is in form of videos only.

Platform: Android | iOS

2. Preschool & kindergarten Learning Games

Preschool & kindergarten Learning Games is a game based education application for the smartphone from where the kids can easily learn math, reading, science and educational puzzles. Based on the fun learning experience Preschool & kindergarten Learning Games is the platform of almost 200 plus interactive worksheet and lessons that are only for the toddlers.


3. Little Writer

Apparently it sounds like a writer but basically it is an alphabets learning application that is based on the gaming interface by using which the kids can easily practice for writing the English alphabets. The main advantage of using Little Writer is that it is an easy to use application and secondly it contains a lot of game based exercises all with a new interactive exercise.


4. Starfall FREE

Starfall FREE is a self-learning application that contains a wide selection of activities. However, there are two main requirements for using this application. First of all it is not a free source of learning. First of all you are required to become the member in order to get the full content. Secondly this application requires an internet or Wi-Fi connection in order to learn.

Platform: Android | iOS

5. ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a free source for learning for those parents who want to educate their child the soft skills that counts more. These soft skills are regarding curiosity, grit, and focus. This eLearning application is the replacement of the traditional classrooms as there your child will learn by sitting in from of you. You can also check the performance of the child as well.

Platform: Android | iOS

6. PBS Parents Play & Learn

PBS Parents Play & Learn is a kids learning application that is especially for those parents who want to arrange education and learning for their kids at very young age. By using the application of PBS Parents Play & Learn these parents comes into position of providing a best knowledge and education their child in shape of games and funny exercise.

Platform: Android | iOS

7. Kids A-Z

Kids A-Z is another educational application that contains the eBooks and almost 300 plus exercise and lessons that will make it easy for your kids to easily learn English alphabets. There are lot of other subjects as well that are covered in this application. For its interactive features and availability of best resources, Kids A-Z can be said as one of the best alternatives to the ABCmouse.

Platform: Android | iOS

8. Toddler Preschool Activities

Toddler Preschool Activities is the fine collection of almost seventy exciting and learning exercise and educational games that are entirely for the toddlers. These games are based on the colors, size, letters, counting, differences, words, matching and lot of other stuff. By using this application it will become easy for your kids to learn by just playing the interesting games.

Platform: Android | iOS

9. ABCs Alphabet Phonics

ABCs Alphabet Phonics is an application that contains the all those content and features that assist the child in learning the alphabets, with the usage of phonics and sounds. This app basically include the alphabet song by using which your child will be able to learn alphabet within few months. This application is best for learning the orders of letters, upper & lower letters and letter name and sound.

Platform: iOS

10. Fruits and Vegetables for Kids

As apparent from name, Fruits and Vegetables for Kids is an educational application for learning the names of the vegetable and names along with their spellings as well. It basically displays the wonderful images of the vegetables and fruits in shape of flashcards. There is a proper quiz system in Fruits and Vegetables for Kids in order to make the concept of the kids strong.

Platform: Android

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