Best 10 Apps like Ableton Live


Ableton is a music production application and a digital audio workstation for the music lovers who are found of creating unique and decent music all the time. By using this application they will be able to get the services of Live, Push, and Link. By deploying the products of the Ableton they will get the chance of improving their music skills in order to list their name in the list of the professional artists across the globe. There are highly features tools of composing, recording, arranging, mixing and mastering in this application. Following are this music based applications that can be also used as Ableton alternatives.

1. iMaschine 2

iMaschine 2 is a free to use application for producing those tracks that you want to produce in order to play them in the part or other gathering events. You will be here given with the arrangers tools that will assist you in creating beats instantly and quickly with step by step mode system. You can also mix your track and can share with other as well or even export to maschine as well.


2. Filtatron

Filtatron is a real-time audio filter and effects engine for those music lovers who want to learn step by step creating music and tracks. Here they can import any of their favorite song from other iDevices as well and can run a sound via virtual version of the most popular Moong filter as well. The technical features that are the part of this application are oscillator, FX modules, LFO, envelope follower, record & playback and file sharing.


3. Audiobus

Audiobus is a track generating application for creating sophisticated setups with multi-routing system of the Audiobus. The track generated in Audiobus van be play to the microphone as well. By using this application you will get the full command and control of the entire mixing. In last but not least, you can save, store and share the presents as well.


4. Reactable Mobile

Reactable Mobile is basically a versatile virtual synthesizer that enable the smartphone users to play and process their own music samples and audio tracks easily and simply. It is an application that provide the two basic purpose to the users that are creating the new one and improving the existing one. This application is integrated with the full and high level of creative tools.

Platform: Android | iOS

5. BeatMaker 2

BeatMaker 2 is one of the advanced and versatile music workstations for the smartphones. This application contains the basic production tools and the easy to use interface that provide the users with the step by step process to learn and create the music. This application can be even used to build own virtual home studio as well.


6. Impaktor

Impaktor is another music creating application for creating innovative music. It is basically a drum based synthesizer that contains a cast sonic palette as well that actually transform any type of surface into a playable percussion instrument. Just slap or tap on the desk as you are slapping on the real physical drum. It is one of the best realistic virtual drumming applications.


7. NodeBeat

NodeBeat is an experimental and node-based audio sequencer that lets the smartphone users to create music of their favorite type right from the screen of their smartphones. Everything is in virtual environment, the main advantage of using this application is that it provide the users with all those features and specifications that are essentials in order to create a beautiful track.

Platform: Android | iOS

8. Different Drummer

Different Drummer is and advanced music and rhythm generator for the smartphone users. It contains the feature and functions of repeating patterns infinite patterns, complex patterns, and lot of other features. It is like having a virtual drum that are at your finger tips ad by using which you will able to create those beats that you want to create.

Platform: iOS

9. 8-bit Music Generator

8-bit Music Generator is a real music generator in shape of application. By using this application the music lovers from their smartphones can creates an endless range of music of all types. Here they will enjoy the features and functions of new song composing, EQ level, volume control, shuffle save, load and in last sharing with others as well.


10. Combo – Jazz Music Generator

Combo – Jazz Music Generator is an application that will first change your smartphone screen with the musical instruments and then will allow you to compose music according to your own requirement. It is like having a place at your own smartphone to practice music at your own device. It lets the users to automatically generate the music and chords for free.


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