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Timehop is basically a time capsule application where you can see photos and updates from your history. This application actually provide with you the photos and celebrations from this exact day in history. By using this application you can celebrate the best moments of your past with your friends and family members. Everyday when you will get up it will display you the first photos of the same day and will make your day fresh. Following are the best Timehop alternatives.

1. Time Travel

Time Travel is a little different application from Timehop. This application basically tell you what are you doing this day on year ago. By using this application you can even get a glance of your regular activities even on your social media accounts on this exactly day in the past. Just connect it with your Facebook, Instagram, and Foursquare account to get the future of time travel videos.

PlatformWindows Phone

2. Memoir

Memoir is one of the best application to see interesting photos and memories from the history. It is an application for getting those images your friends never forever to you. The best about this application is that it is hundred percent private and only you would be able to see your photos and you can share them with your friends as well.


3. Facebook

One of the largest social media platform Facebook has also its own built in future to send you the photos on daily basis right from your history of the exactly. We are not mentioning here this application as a social communication platform. Instead, it is being mentioned here because of the time loop function that is not available in other social media platforms.

Platform: Android | iOS | Windows Phone

4. Rewind

Rewind is basically a photo tracking application to see your life in photos of any day of your life. By using this application you can simply view the photos of a specific day.  It is different from above mentioned application in that sense that you will not be provided automatically photos from your history on the exact day.  You have to manually search for your past photos.


5. PlayMemories Online

PlayMemories Online is an application that is used basically to view and organize photos and videos of the users in a cloud service platform. The user can then easily create a memorable photo collection and share it with their friends and family members. It is an application for those users who are looking for and automatic storage and organizing system. By using this application you can drive there for you anytime.

Platform: Android | iOS

6. Moments

Moments is another application whose basic purpose is to organizing photos. But this application can also be used for memorizing your best moments as well Moments is an application by using which you can get back all your photos of the events, celebrations, or just hanging out. By using this application you can memorize your past events at any time.

Platform: Android | iOS

7. Google Photos

Google Photos is the future of Google that is regarded as one home for all of your photos where you will be able to automatically organized all of your photos and consider them according to date you remember. It is basically and Manuel way of memorizing you are first photos and what happened in polished or exactly day.

Platform: Android | iOS

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