10 Best Laundry Apps like Washio


Washio is an on demand laundry and cleaning service that you can access from your smartphone in order to get everything at your doorstep. The process is very simple, just place your order and get your delivery on next day. By using this simple application you can ensure premium cleaning of your dirty clothes in a day. All of your order will be picked by Washio in an hour. Below are the alternatives of Washio.

1. Rinse

Rinse is an a other clothing care and dry cleaning and laundry service provider that remove the all type of dust and care your clothes in the best way. The other services that are being offered by Rinse are washing and fold, hang dry, leather care, repairs and much more. Just schedule your delivery and then Rinse will pick it up from your home.

Platform: Android | iOS

2. Instawash

Just like its name Instawash is a laundry and dry cleaner from where you will get the highest quality dry cleaning and laundry service in a day. Just move to the official application of Instawash and within few taps schedule your time and Instawash will pick it up from your home. Currently this service is only available in San Francisco. You will get the same day service from this application.


3. PurpleBag

PurpleBag is a professional washing and pressing service provider from where you will get to the high level of laundry, dry cleaning, stain removal, and pressing service. Using the application of tree is very simple that start with creating an account and scheduling. Later on PurpleBag will pick you up from your home, wash it and will notify you after your clothes are ready. However you will have to wait for three days.

Platform: Android | iOS

4. Cleanly

Cleanly is a delightful and on demand laundry and dry cleaning service provider where you can easily schedule orders on the go. You can also track your delivery with the last status of beards system of Cleanly. Best thing about this application is that you can even pay with Apple Pay or card on file.


5. Clothespin

Clothespin is basically a dry cleaning service provider that connects you with the professional dry cleaners in your local area. By using this application you can schedule your clothes for dry cleaning purpose without paying any additional cost. Currently its services are for the New York City.


6. DoorMint

DoorMint is an online laundry service provider at your doorstep. It is an application that contains all your laundry needs. The best about this application is that it provides laundry and dry cleaning service at the economical rates. Scheduling and pick up is also totally free. You can also track your cloth status as well.

Platform: Android | iOS

7. eLaundry

eLaundry is another application-based laundry service provider where you can put away the laundry and dry cleaning service an affordable price according to your own requirements and needs. Within few taps you can schedule and get your clothes back clean and neat. All of the services will be at your doorstep according to your own timing.

Platform: Android

8. BookMyWash

Here is another laundry service provider that provides the free pickup and delivery at your doorstep. Most of the order booked by you will be delivered back within 2 days. You will get your item washed and pressed in high standard and all with most affordable prices. This application can be used for scheduling and tracking you are laundry.

Platform: Android

9. FlyCleaners

FlyCleaners is an application for getting peace of mind. By using this laundry and dry cleaning application you will get and innovative and new way of getting your clothes neat and clean. The best about this application is that it provide on demand pickup and delivery service in 20 minutes only. Its services can be availed on daily basis.

Platform: Android | iOS

10. WashClub

WashClub is a New York-based laundry and dry cleaning service provider where only three steps are required to get started. Just add your items to shopping cart and create an account and then schedule a free pick up. On the next day of booking your laundry will be delivered at your home.

Platform: Android | iOS

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