11 Best Apps like EasyBib


EasyBib is the reference and bibliography generator application from where the students and researchers can automatically generate citation and bibliography in format APA, MLA, Chicago, and many other citation styles. It also provide the user with the system off automatically creating citations by simply scanning book barcode with the camera off smartphone. Below are those citation generator that can be used as an alternative to EasyBib.

1. RefMe

RefMe is the reference creator application for creating reference in any style. This reference generator support the reference style of Harvard, Chicago, APA, MLA, and thousands of other styles. It is an application by using which you can cite journals, books, websites and much more. There is also a system for scanning barcodes and generating citations.

Platform: Android | iOS

2. NoodleTools

NoodleTools is the reference management platform for both students and researchers. It is an application that provide the users with the system of bibliography composer, outlining, note cards, document archiving, and various other type of collaborative research and writing tools. It is one of the best application for university students that will help them throughout their research activities.

Platform: Android | iOS

3. Mendeley

Mendeley is an all-in-one reference manager application. This cross-platform application assist the students and researchers to manage the research easily and simply. This application can be used finding, citing, and saving research according to on demand. There is also a PDF reading and organizing system in this application.

Platform: Android | iOS

4. ReadCube

ReadCube is a powerful yet simple reference manager application that provide the users with clickable in line references along with full reference list. This application can be used to view the full citation history of any article and to check which author has references the paper. This application can also be used for organizing research work as well.

Platform: Android | iOS

5. EndNote

EndNote is an educational application to enhance your education and research work in a new way. This application is integrated with the industry level research management tools regarding creating bibliographies, organizing research works, extending searches and many other features. There is also an advanced reference library and PDF annotations system in this application.


6. Cite This For Me

Cite This For Me is an APA, MLA, Harvard and many other type of reference generator application that also contains the system of scanning books and journals barcodes by using the smartphone camera for automatically generating references. By using this application you can even build your own bibliography by using the almost thirty multiple sources of Cite This For Me including books, websites and journals.

Platform: Android | iOS

7. APA Generator Lite

Unlike above mentioned application APA Generator Lite is only a APA generator application by using which you can create professional level of APAs for free. First of all there are dozens of APA format template in this application that will make your work easy and wimple. There is a system for in-text citations and reference generators. In the end, there is a proper support for books, apps, and website sources.

Platform: Android | iOS

8. RefMaster

RefMaster is yet another application that can be said as BibTex based reference manager for smartphones. By using this application, both the researchers and students can easily explore, share and edit their references and bibliographies. There is also a system for adding any book in database by simply scanning its barcode by the camera of smartphone.

Platform: Android

9. MLA Generator

MLA Generator is an application for creating MLA format essays and articles effectively and efficiently. This is an application that provide the students and researchers with the system of easily generating and sharing the MLA in-text citations and even references for free. There are three essay sources that are integrated in this application from where the students can take help to create the best piece of work.

Platform: Android | iOS

10. Bibliography Helper Free

If you are writing college research papers or university assignment and don’t know about the proper bibliography style then here is the Bibliography Helper Free that will assist you in creating the professional bibliography and reference for free. The best about Bibliography Helper Free is that it provides the students with APA, LA and Chicago style formats.

Platform: Android

11. BibUp

Now there is an application that is little different from the above mentioned bibliography creator. It is BibUp that work on the base of reading its barcode by simply scanning through the camera of your smartphone and then the entire bibliography of the book will be in front of you that you can use in your research paper or assignment.

Platform: Android | iOS

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