10 Best Apps like Moovit


Moovit is a personal transportation and transit assistant application that will guide you through out your traveling in any city. By using this application you can know about the information of public transport of specific countries and cities and knowing about the arrival and departure of the public transports. Almost 800 cities of the 60 countries are covered by this application and by simply installing this application you can also enjoy the features of saving your time by knowing about the public transports arrival and departure time. Here we are mentioning those application that will provide you the same level of services that are being offered by the Moovit. You can said these applications as alternatives to Moovit.

1. Transit App

The first application in the list that can really take the place of Moovit is Transit App that provide its users with complete detail of the transports system of their respective areas. By using this application the users can even get in touch with the Daily City, J, UBER, 9L and various other transport system. This system make the Transit App a best application for getting the information about the both and private and public transport system.

Platform: Android | iOS

2. Citymapper

Citymapper is a public transport application for getting the real-time information of metro busses, subways, train, rail, and Uber as well. By using this application the users can get real time directions, arrival and departure time of the most of the public and private transport. By using this application the users can get the status alerts in real-time and can even take the advantages of personalization as well.

Platform: Android | iOS

3. DC Metro and Bus

As apparent from its name DC Metro and Bus, it is an application that provide the real-time bus and metro scheduling almost around the Washington City. As it is being backed by the Washington Metropolitan Areas Transit Authority, the users of DC Metro and Bus will surely get the real-time arrival time of the next metro or bus and to find the nearby metro or bus station as well.

Platform: Android | iOS

4. NextBus

NextBus is a transport application that deals in the major functionalities of finding real-time ETA of the nearby stops easily and instantly. It is an application for knowing about the nearby transit agencies. This application can also be used for knowing about the arrival and departure time of public transport. This application provide the users with the system of saving alerts for stop and agency.

Platform: Android | iOS

5. iTransitBuddy

iTransitBuddy is an application that will save your time by providing you with the database of the leading metros authority of the world By using this application you will be in a position to know about the your next train and know about when the trail will leave. By this you will be able to scheduling your journey easily and effectively. iTransitBuddy is integrated with a lot of features and functions.

Platform: Android | iOS

6. RideScout

RideScout is an application that is integrated with the brand new transportation options and solutions. This application provide the smartphone users with real-time information about the transportation options that are available right now. This application can be also used for getting all information of all transit system whether it is bus, taxi, bike, car or any other transport.

Platform: Android | iOS

7. iTrans DC Metro

Next there is iTrans DC Metro, use it and never miss your bus or train again. By using this application you can get the exact arrival or departure time of any bus or train of your local area. There is a proper map system, line diagrams, street maps and various other features in this application. You will really enjoy this application when you will realize that you are now in a position to manage your time.


8. Mobiett

Mobiett is a public transport application for getting the information about public transport system only. Mobiett is the public transport application developed by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to get the latest information about the ticketing, scheduling, arrival and departure time of the metros and buses of the Istanbul only. After Istanbul, you can use this application for knowing about the public transport of London.

Platform: Android | iOS

9. Autobus Roma

Autobus Roma is a transport information application that provide the users with the arrival time of the bus at a nearby bus stop in real-time. In addition to displaying the arrival time, it also display the paths of a bus as well. There is also a system for knowing about the departure of any bus from any bus terminal in the current day. The user of Autobus Roma can manage their favorite stops as well.

Platform: Android

10. NextBus Buses

Finally there is NextBus Buses for viewing up-to-date locations of the buses of the almost 60 various transport agencies. The main advantage of using NextBus Buses is that it provide you the live updating of the buses for a given route. There is also a notification system for getting information about the nearby stops. Use this application for switching between various agencies.


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