13 Book Search Extensions for Google Chrome

Book search extensions are those extensions that enable the users to browse books, article and other types of reading materials from their Google Chrome. These extensions mostly support the book database of Amazon, Google Books, Good Reads and many other reliable sources. If you want to access unlimited book directly from your browser then below is the list of top rated book search extensions for Google Chrome.

1. Library Extension

Library Extension is an advanced a powerful book searching extension for Google Chrome for searching the books from the extensive library of Amazon, Google Reads, AR BookFinder and many others. Library Extension is just like a public library in your browser from where you can browse the books as you browse on the internet.

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2. Book Depository Search

Book Depository Search is for quickly searching the books from your browser. The best about Book Depository Search is that it enables the users when they are reading any article and what to search book related to any specific term then they are simply required to right click on the highlighted text and search it in the Book Depository.

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3. ReadingFanatic

ReadingFanatic is for finding the eBooks, biographies, articles, magazines, textbooks, audiobooks and much more. Everything available at the platform of ReadingFanatic is totally free. The best about ReadingFanatic is that it enables the users to open every new thing in a new tab without disturbing his continuous work in the current running tab.

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4. Libre-ry Book Search

Libre-ry Book Search is another fastest and best way towards the world of eBooks that are available for free. Just install the extension in your browser and enjoy the access to thousands of eBooks for free from the library of Library Genesis. Libre-ry Book Search also enables the readers to download the book they want in addition to reading it in the browser.

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5. Amazon with Google Books

Amazon with Google Books is an extension that makes the link between Amazon and Google. Just add the google book links in Amazon search result page and product page and know about the books. Before buying the books, the user can confirm the contents of the book as well. Just specify the category and get access to many books.

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6. Goodreads Right Click

Goodreads Right Click is the right click search system of Google to search for the books of the selected text from the directory of Google Reads. Books are away from you at a distance of right click only. Goodreads search system enables the readers to search books from the data of Goodreads and open them in a new tab.

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7. Library

Library is a simple and efficient way of searching books. Library in Google Chrome lets the readers quickly search books from the digital libraries and download them to read in offline mode as well. By installing Library, the reader can get books on various topics including computer science, artificial intelligence, innovations, information technology, etc.

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8. Open Library Book Search

Open Library Book Search is another wonderful extension for borrow and reads the book. Open Library Book Search lets the readers search books from the library of OpenLibrary.org. Open Library Book Search is surely a great way for finding and viewing many books for free. Moreover, the books can be borrowed as well.

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9. Public Library

Public Library is an extension for checking whether a specific book you are searching for is available in Amazon Book Library or not. Moreover, Public Library supports various other book sites as well. The aim of Public Library is to make it sure that the users are getting the write books from Amazon.com and other book supported websites.

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10. Google Play Books

Google Play Books is for searching the database of over four millions books of the Google that can be read out in offline mode as well. It’s the time to read free books by installing Google Play Books. Use any device and get millions of free books. The other stunning features of Google Play Books are highlight text, add margin, notes, select words or texts, etc.

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11. Free Book Search

Free Book Search is for searching free books all over the internet. This extension enables the users to browse for free eBooks, books, audiobooks and much more reading content all over the internet for free. The other stunning feature about Free Book Search is that it enables the users to read Kindle books as well from computer and smartphone.

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12. BOOK lookup

BOOK lookup is for searching books by author, title, description, or ISMB. This extension lets the users browse any book by searching for the book title, the book’s author, by providing some description or even with the help of ISBN code. Moreover, BOOK lookup enables the users to check the price, dimensions, editions and other details of the specific book.

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13. Book Search

Book Search is another extension for searching for any book and getting its review and other related information. Book Search has its own search engine by the name of BookX.co that provide an advanced search system to the reader. The other stunning features of Book Search are book preview, get related information, etc.

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