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iGoogle is a customizable and highly personalized web portal that provide the users with various options to start their web page according to preferences of a search box system and dozens of others gadgets. It provides the users with options of creating multiple tabs. They can personalized the search system of iGoogle as they want by adding or removing news and informational based tabs. Here are the one of the best alternatives to iGoogle.

1. igHome

igHome is a web based platform that enable the uses to personalize their main search area via the personalized dashboard system of the igHome. Here the internet users will find the various gadgets and tabs regarding Gmail, calendar, bookmarks system, maps, images, news, cloud storage device, access to YouTube and a lot of others for a better searching experience.

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2. My Yahoo

My Yahoo is a highly customizable and personalized web page system that provides the internet users with a customized web page and dashboard from where they can manage all of their search activities. Here they are provided with the unlimited options to start their search from an easy to use and highly customizable environment according to their own demand and requirement.

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3. Netvibes

Netvibes is basically an analytics, getting alerts and social media monitoring platform. However, there is also a complete system for managing website is available in Netvibes as it is integrated with a highly personalized dashboard that contains the features of web composing and various types of widgets. Netvibes can be used as an alternative to iGoogle.

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4. start.me

start.me is way for transforming your web pages with a personal dashboard that will be integrated with all those features that will make it easy for you to manage all of your internet settings from the dedicated platform of the start.me. By using this website the users can easily turn their start their start page into a personal dashboard where their well be everything for which they are looking for.

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5. Protopage

Protopage is an easy yet powerful and rich features personalized start pages system that is integrated with the feature and system of RSS reader. It is a website that is the home for reading RSS feeds, monitoring news, headlines, sticky notes, making to-do list, keeping bookmarks, starting private browsing and performing a dozens of others features.

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6. AllMyFaves

AllMyFaves is a new way of organizing your web pages and searching by managing its bookmarks and list of favorite sites. It is a web site that is especially useful for the researchers and developers who are required to approach to their favorite websites without wasting any time. This site provides the highly customizable environment.

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7. start.io

start.io is a website by using which you can make a startpage with your favorite links and see right when they are updated. It is an application that provides you with a new type of homepage where everything will get less than a minute for a full access. Through the powerful page management system of start.io the users can even block the unwanted websites and can make their startpage work according to their own requirement.

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8. uStart

uStart is your free and customizable start page right from your favorite web browser that is integrated with the on demand features of RSS feed system, mails system, series, daily horoscope reading system, and various other type of data about from group to web pages. It is website where there are various gadgets are available that you can also choose to add them on your page.

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9. Dash Dashboards

Dash Dashboards is a free web based dashboard that provides a real-time system for managing websites, business, internet activities and much more. It is also like iGoogle but unlike iGoogle, Dash Dashboards make it easy for the users to instead of using the default widgets and settings of it, create their own web dashboard according to their own requirements.

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10. Awesome HQ

Awesome HQ is a personalized dashboard system that almost comes with the same level of features and functions that are being provided by the iGoogle. It is on online web page dashboard management system that makes it easy for the users to manage all of their settings. It is a website for everything like managing even applications, widgets, custom shortcuts and much more.

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