10 Apps like App Store Alternatives


App Store is an independent application and games to the Apple for the iPhone iPad and iPod touch users from there they can get apps and games of all types for the iOS devices.  App Store is an independent platform of millions of applications and games data internally for the iOS devices.  It is labeled as the official app store for the iOS devices.  There are also other independent application stores data providing the same services like App Store.  Below are the best alternatives to App Store.

1. AppFree

AppFree is a platform for iOS users from where they and can get recommended iPad and iPhone applications on daily basis.  This platform daily comes with a lot of free applications for all versions of the iOS devices.  In addition to apps, this platform also provides to the iOS users tens of thousands of games as well.

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2. App 704

8704 is a platform they provide the best apps and games available across the App Store and other independent applications store.  Most of the apps available here are for free and doors data available against prices are also very economical.  All the applications that you find on App Store are also available on this platform.   However it is not as greater as App Store is.

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3. AppNana

AppNana is another best alternative to App Store from where the users can get the applications for free that are otherwise available by App Store against heavy prices.  Moreover, this platform provide users with bonuses and credits for the using the applications of an AppNana and when they play the games being downloaded from its platform.

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4. Free Apps Fast

Free Apps Fast is an independent platform of iOS applications from where the iOS users can get the free apps.  The best about Free Apps Fast is that the apps being offered by this platform are even compatible with the current version of iOS operating system.  To motivate the iOS users to utilize its platform, this service is also offering coupons, gift cards and points to use them for online shopping.

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5. PandaApp

PandaApp is a free and independent application store for getting free apps for almost all smartphone devices.  In addition to iOS applications, it also offers the Android users to explore the apps for their smart phone devices as well.  Before downloading any application the users can get the review of that application in advance as well to decide about going for an application.

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6. Appszoom

Appszoom is an independent platform of tens of thousands of iOS and Android applications.  It is an independent application store from where the smartphone users can explore for top rated applications games and themes.  From latest to old one almost all applications are available at here.  This platform is also offering its services for developers from where they can get their apps published.

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7. AppRebates

AppRebates is a platform for getting paid iOS applications for free.  AppRebates is an independent platform from where the iPhone, iPod iTouch, and iPad users can explore unlimited apps and games that are entirely free.  Being free means there is no system of trial unlimited version of any application or game.  In addition to free everything available here is in full version.

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8. AppSaga

AppSaga is an independent App Store for getting free iOS apps and reviews on the apps.  This platform provides the iOS users with almost all the apps for free that are otherwise available at App Store against prices.  In addition to free apps, the iOS users can get here free games as well.  Moreover they can read the reviews of apps as well.

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9. AppShopper

AppShopper is an application store for iOS devices and Mac OS X operating system.  This platform deals in all kind of apps that are available on the App Store.  Moreover it is a platform for getting those apps that are even not being offered by the App Store.  It has its own developer community that’s why it is working as an independent app store.  From Universal iOS to iOS and Mac, all of the apps are available here.

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10. AppGratis

AppGratis is a multiplatform application store that provides the free and paid apps to the iOS and Android users.  In case of visiting this platform regularly you will daily get 1 free app.  Most of the apps available here are for free and those that are being offered against prices are also very cheap and economical.  It also offers the apps on discount prices as well.

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