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Bitstrips is an application for making the avatar or cartoon of self. By using the Bitstrips, the smartphone users can create their own avatar by selecting from the hundreds of styles and attributes. After that the users can also share it with other users as well. In addition to simply creating the avatar, Bitstrips lets the users to create the photo comics and share the same with others. Tens of hundreds of customizable scenes are also the part of the designing directory of the Bitstrips. However, it is not the only avatar and cartoon making application. Here is the list of alternatives to Bitstrips.

1. iMadeFace

Integrated with a lot of facial components, iMadeFace is an application that lets the users to generate a cartoon like face of their self. iMadeFace is integrated with a lot of designing tools that make it easy for the users to make the funny face of theirs by utilizing the face artwork tools of the iMadeFace. Sharing the created work with other users is also the part of the iMadeFace.


2. FaceQ

FaceQ is a funny avatar maker that is integrated with the powerful and features rich features. For those who are not familiar with the process of drawing their self in an avatar or cartoon style then here is the FaceQ that provide the step by step guide to the users to create the stunning cartoon and avatar of their self. By using various face available, users can create a new one styled face.

Platform: Android | iOS

3. Oldify

Oldify is a unique style of application that deals in two type of avatar; firs of all there is system of creating simple avatar and second one is making the old image of yours. How old are you? You can see yourself in the old style that’s why its name is Oldify. In addition to all these, Oldify lets the users to see their self in old, bald, fat and mustache effects and styles.

Platform: Android | iOS

4. Avatar Maker

Avatar Maker is an avatar creating application that in addition to creating new avatar is also used as editing the existing avatar and amines. By using Avatar Maker, the users can edit their anime avatar photos, head portrait, head portrait photos, profile pictures and much more. Moreover, there are tons of cool stickers, cool features and adornments that provides the users a best avatar experience.

Platform: Android

5. Comic & Meme Creator

Comic & Meme Creator is yet another best and personalized application that is used for creating animations, cartoons, comic and memes. Comic & Meme Creator is integrated with the most popular heroes and villains of Hollywood movies like Ironman, Superman, Captain America, Batman, and including Street Fighters characters as well.

Platform: Android

6. WeeMee

WeeMee is a social application for creating avatar in a highly customized environment. WeeMee brings the one of the best avatar for the users. It is an avatar creator that is integrated with the tons of great avatar and improved HD graphics that make it easy for the users to create best avatar of theirs. The users can in addition to creating the avatar can share the same with others as well.

Platform: Android | iOS

7. Androidify

Androidify is a unique style of avatar creator. It basically allow the Android smartphone users to create the avatar and cartoon their self in the shape of official logo of the Android operating systems. However, it is integrated with various others features like emoticons, animated GIFs, pictures, texts, charts and posts that lets the Android users to create the best avatar of theirs.

Platform: Android

8. Cutie Avatar Workshop

Cutie Avatar Workshop is a user friendly and the wide collection of the cartoon figures that allow the users to create their anime cartoon avatar photos, profile pictures and head portraits. Cutie Avatar Workshop contains the various face shapes, haircuts style, rice accessories, background pictures, color combination, beautiful overcoats and much more.

Platform: Android

9. Anime Avatar Studio

Anime Avatar Studio is a brand new collection of anime and cartoon character that allow the users to create their own character in a unique style. The users can select the color of eyes, hair style, eyebrows, skin color, mood, background color, and much more. Dozens of features and effects are available for the users that are under the control of their fingertip.

Platform: Android

10. Chibi Avatar

Chibi Avatar is an application for creating avatar with the manga style. Chibi Avatar is a simple to use avatar and cartoon making application that requires only few steps to create a stunning and amazing avatar. Chibi Avatar lets the users to customize the application according to their own requirements, Almost 300 different characters are the part of the Chibi Avatar.

Platform: Android

11. Avakin – 3D Avatar Creator

Avakin – 3D Avatar Creator is a D avatar making application that is for the adult users only. Avakin – 3D Avatar Creator require the users to first their self registered with the Avakin – 3D Avatar Creator and then they will be available with the platform of the Avakin – 3D Avatar Creator for creating 3D avatar. It is an avatar making application that also works as game for setting challenges for others.

Platform: Android

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