Top 10 Apps like FrostWire


FrostWire is an all-in-one media player, Bit Torrent Client and YouTube downloader that provides the quality services in all these three sections. If you are searching for a YouTube downloader then FrostWire work as the downloader. If you are looking for the Bit Torrent client then FrostWire is providing its services in these section as well. And if you want to play your favorite track and music then you will be provided with a music player in FrostWire as well. It is very hard to find the best alternatives of FrostWire, however, below is the list of those applications that are like FrostWire.

1. iDownloads PLUS FREE

iDownloads PLUS FREE is a downloader and file manager application that lets the iOS users to download for any video and data from the internet. The best about iDownloads PLUS FREE is that it is integrated it the system of quick searching system, document viewer support for all type of file formats, extraction system for zipped files, open with features and many others.


2. iDownloadAll Free

iDownloadAll Free is a download manager and file manager that provides the dozens of other extra features to the users in addition to simply downloading and managing the files. The users of iDownloadAll Free can enjoy the services of built in browsing system, image batch downloading system, forced download system, multi-document reader, text files readers and dozens of others.


3. Turbo Downloader

Turbo Downloader is a single application that contains the three functions in a single application. The three services being offered by the Turbo Downloader in a single applications includes the file manager, downloader and browser. Turbo Downloader is a great solution for managing the basic file management functions and downloading. Lot of other features are also the part of the Turbo Downloader.

Platform: Android | iOS

4. Cloud Music Player & Downloader

Cloud Music Player & Downloader is a multipurpose music player and downloader that lets the users to play all of their cloud storage music anytime and from any part of the world. By using the Cloud Music Player & Downloader, the smartphone users can download their favorite music that is stored in their cloud storage accounts and can play directly from the player of Cloud Music Player & Downloader as well.


5. Musicloud

Musicloud is an application that lets the users to download the music from the cloud accounts and then directly play from the player of the Musicloud. Musicloud make it easy for the users to enjoy the fully featured music player of the Musicloud. Moreover, there is a comprehensive system of lock screen and play background music is the Musicloud as well.


6. µTorrent

µTorrent is a torrent client that lets the smartphone users to download the torrent of all type right from their smartphone. The integration of accessing to media files from the µTorrent has make the µTorrent even more advanced torrent downloader and media management application that provides the users a command from downloading to the accessing media files.

Platform: Android

7. Flud

Flud is a Bit Torrent client for Android smartphone users by using which they can enjoy the downloading the torrent of all types. The key features of Flud are no downloading/uploading speed limit, RSS feed support, support for uTorrent, optimized for even tablet and many others features that provides the users a best alternative in case of downloading torrent files.

Platform: Android

8. All Video Downloader

All Video Downloader is an easy to use video downloader that lets the users to download any video from the internet and simply play over their smartphones. By using the All Video Downloader, the users can search for all type of videos over the internet and then can download these videos with the simple downloading process of the All Video Downloader for the purpose of saving in the mobile.

Platform: Android

9. HD Video Downloader

HD Video Downloader is yet another powerful application that make it easy for the smartphone users to grab the HD quality videos from the internet and then either player them or share with others or both. That means, a single version of HD Video Downloader provides the three functions to the users; downloading, playing and sharing.

Platform: Android

10. Fastest Video Downloader

Just like its name, Fastest Video Downloader is a fastest video downloading application that make the process of downloading videos from the internet easy and simple for the users. The additional features that are the part of the Fastest Video Downloader are web browser, download manager, file manager, external browser support, etc.

Platform: Android

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