11 Apps like Google Play Store Alternatives


Google Play Store is the largest platform for getting free and paid Android applications and games of all types. Google Play Store is the officially recognized Android applications platform being handled by the Google. Google Play Store is the platform of millions of applications that are available for all those smartphones and tablets that utilised the Android operating systems. However, there are various other independent platforms that are providing apps for the Android operating systems. Here is the list of the apps like Google Play Store.

1. Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore is an independent app store for the Android operating systems that is being regulate by the Amazon. Amazon Appstore is a platform from where the Android operating users can get apps regarding books & comics, education, lifestyle, entertainment, communication, health & medicines, games and much more. The services of Amazon Appstore are available in over 200 countries.

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2. Blackmart Alpha

Blackmart Alpha is an application for getting almost all those Android applications that are available at the platform of Google Play Store. Blackmart Alpha is the one of the best alternatives to Google Play Store that provides the quality level and top rated applications and games to the Android users. App applications that are available at Blackmart Alpha are entirely free and there is no system for trial and test apps.

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3. GetJar

GetJar is one of the largest independent Android app store that is offering almost free apps, games and themes to the Android users. GetJar is basically an open app store from where anyone can get the apps for their Android devices for free. GetJar is providing apps and games in entertainment, social & messaging, productivity, education, finance, health, lifestyle and much more.

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4. 1Mobile Market

1Mobile Market is the independent Android engine of almost one and half million apps and games. In addition to apps and games, almost three millions wallpapers are also the part of its directory. 1Mobile Market is the platform of top rated and all time in-demand and favorite games and applications. Every app and game listed at the 1Mobile Market is totally free.

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5. PandaApp

PandaApp is a free Android apps and games provider that lets the Android users to explore for unlimited apps and games and freely install in their Android operating systems. PandaApp is an independent app store from where the Android users can get applications regarding healthcare, education, entertainment, business & finance, fashion and much more.

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6. Mobango

Mobango is the next most advanced and professional app store from where the users can get the free mobile games, apps and videos. Mobango is one of the largest collections of top rated and highly demanded games and applications that are almost available for free. It is the platform of such kind of application that are rarely available at the Google Play Store.

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7. F-Droid

The best about F-Droid is that it contains only open source and free Android applications making the life of its users simple. It is widely called as the catalogs of FOSS that stands for Free and Open Source Software. The best about F-Droid is that it lets the users to easily download and install all type of applications and share with other Android users as well.

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8. AndAppOnline

AndAppOnline deals in two function; it is a source for getting applications and publishing the own applications as well. AndAppOnline is a platform for the both the app searchers and app developers. The app lovers can get here the most popular and top rated applications, and the developers can get their applications published through the platform of AndAppOnline.

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9. Nexva App Store

Nexva App Store is a multiplatform app store from almost smartphone users of all operating systems can get the applications and games for their devices. However, if talk about the Android operating systems then Nexva App Store has a great collection of the Android applications and games. The users can search for the apps according to the category or by simply inserting the name of app.

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10. SlideME

SlideME is an app market for free and paid application that are being provides the world’s best app developers. It is not as much wide as compare to the Google Play Store but what is available on the SlideME is surely best and enough to satisfy the needs and demands of the Android operating users. SlideME can be used as an alternatives to Google Play Store.

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11. Mobogenie Market

Mobogenie Market is a great source for getting millions of free applications and games. Mobogenie Market is an ultimate Android market for getting the on demand Android applications and games. All those applications and games that are the part of the Google Play Store will be surely available at the independent app store of the Mobogenie Market.

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