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There are basically two kinds of phone management applications that let the smartphone users to maintain their entire phone. First there are those that are simply used it by the phones to keep them organized and the others are those that are used from other platforms to maintain the phones. AirDroid is basically a PC and mobile management application that lets the Android users to control their entire handset from the PC like they are controlling it physically. Here we are providing the list of those applications that also provides the same services.

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1. Apowersoft Phone Manager

Just like its name, Apowersoft Phone Manager is a phone management platform that lets the Android users to manage and control all of their Android features and functions from their PC. Apowersoft Phone Manager in fact share the screen of your Android one the PC from where you can control your devices as you are controlling them physically.

Platform: Android

2. Mobisynapse

Mobisynapse is yet another Android management application from the platform of your PC. Only few mobile desktop management applications are perfect in managing the smartphone from the PC and Mobisynapse is among those few smartphone desktop management application by deploying which you can control every part of the phone just by using Wi-Fi connection or USB cable.

Platform: Android

3. MyMobiler

Just like other mobile management applications, MyMobiler lets the users to use either a Wi-Fi connection or USB cable to control their Android device from the PC. After making a connection users can perform all functions of sending and receiving messages, making and receiving calls, receiving notifications, data and files sharing between both devices and much more.

Platform: Android

4. AirMore

AirMore is one of the best desktop mobile management applications that is available for both iOS and Android devices. By using the AirMore, the smartphone users can share the screen of their devices on the PC and after that everything of their phones will be controlled from the PC. All functions that are performed on the phone will be access from the PC. File transferring is also possible by AirMore.

Platform: Android

5. Mobizen

Mobizen is a way to expand the mobile controlling experience from the PC. Mobizen actually allow the smartphone users to connect their Android device with the PC and then share the entire screen of Android with PC and now they can fully control all of the features of their mobile phone from the PC. SMS, calling, transferring files, etc. everything is possible.

Platform: Android

6. SideSync

SideSync is also a mobile to PC connecting application but it is for the Samsung smartphones and tablet that use the Android operating systems. SideSync lets the Samsung users to easily manage all of the settings of the device from the PC. The message that you received can be received on the PC, you can make calls, send text messages, make backup of device and much more.

Platform: Android

7. MobileGo

For those who are looking for a highly customizable and configurable mobile management solution are suggested to explore the features of MobileGo that will enable them to manage their mobile from PC as they operate it physically. MobileGo is an application that has made the mobile management from PC simple and easy.

Platform: Android

8. Moborobo

Moborobo is an all-in-one and professional mobile management application that enable the smartphone users to fully control their smartphone devices from their desktop PC. After using the Moborobo, smartphone users can perform all those functions for mobile from PC that they actually perform physically on the mobile like SMS, calling, transferring files, installing & uninstalling applications, transferring contacts and much more.

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9. MyPhoneExplorer

Just like its name, MyPhoneExplorer is a PC-mobile management application to explore your mobile in a new way. By using the MyPhoneExplorer, smartphone users can synchronize all of their MS Outlook functions and features from their mobile to PC. Moreover, rest of the other functions like managing contacts, sending & receiving SMS, making & receiving calls, backup making, synchronization of other programs are also the part of its functions.

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10. Pushbullet

Pushbullet is an application that lets the users to connect their devices with each other. Either it is about connecting smartphones with other smartphones or connecting PC with smartphones, Pushbullet is a mobile connecting application that is available for all. The salient features of Pushbullet are texting & chatting, calling, getting notifications, transferring files and all those that you perform from your smartphone.

Platform: Android | iOS

11. Kies Air

Kies Air is also a best app like AirDroid but it is for Samsung Android devices only. It is an application that connects the Samsung mobile phones with the PC and then enable the users to synchronize their all data from smartphone to PC and discover the smartphones in a new way from the big screen of the PC. In that’s ay, Kies Air shares the screen of Samsung smartphone to the PC.

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12. Android Commander

Android Commander is a platform for managing Android terminal and functions from the Windows operating systems. It is an application that is expert in comfortably managing all functions and features of Android tablets and smartphones from the desktop PC. All you need is a USB cable to make the connection between your Android device and PC.

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13. Droid Explorer

Droid Explorer is an application to manage the rooted devices from the Windows Explorer. Managing Android devices from the PC is no more a big deal. All your Android devices functions and features can be handled from the PC with the help of Droid Explorer. In that’s way, Droid Explorer make it possible for the Android users to control each and every feature from the PC.

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14. RemoDroid

RemoDroid is yet another powerful application that is not only for connecting Android device with PC. It in fact, allow the Android devices users to connect Android with other Android mobile set, PC and even Mac OS X operating systems. The stunning features of RemoDroid are connection management, remote control, file sharing, screen sharing, and much more.

Platform: Android

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