10 Sites Like Etsy for Handmade Products

The world of online retailing is growing gradually. A lot of web-based marketplaces are there to provide you various products, goods, and services at your doorstep. Now the homemade, vintage and antique products are also available over the internet. Etsy is also an online market to buy and sell the homemade, antique, classic and vintage items. These products are available on Etsy in categories of clothing & accessories, jewelry, craft & supplies, weddings, entertainment, home & living, kids & baby and much more. Below are one of the best alternatives to Etsy for homemade and handmade products.

1. Aftcra

Aftcra is the online market of only handcrafted products that are crafted by the best American-based artists and designers. Aftcra is a platform where you will find a lot of handmade products including clothing, products for kids & babies, home & décor, furnishing & fashionables, jewelry, paper goods, arts & handicrafts accessories and much more.

2. ArtFire

ArtFire is a platform to fulfill your desire for handmade and handcrafted artistry and mastery works. Here you will find those products that will fascinate and in case of presenting as a gift, these will be surely the one of the best gifts from your side. Items for home & living, jewelry, bath & beauty, bags & cases, craft tools, clothing, etc. are the part of the ArtFire.

3. CraftIsArt

CraftIsArt is a market for satisfying your indie artist cravings. CraftIsArt is an online retailer who has made has made the trading in handmade and handcrafted products easy and simple. CraftIsArt is the best market of handmade, art and vintage products. Unlimited accessories, collectibles, graphic design, metal arts, furniture, fiber art, illustrations and hundreds of other items are available at the market of CraftIsArt.

4. iCraft

iCraft is an online market to sell and buy handmade products. iCraft is the platform of best artists and crafters of the world that is offering handmade products only. iCraft lets the artist and designers to sell their creations easily. They can create their own stores at iCraft and then can sell their products easily. Those who want to buy handmade products will surely find thousands of products here.

5. DaWanda

DaWanda is another online market for handmade products and gifts only that are being presented by the unique and creative designers. DaWanda is a platform for trading in homemade products and items simply and easily. DaWanda is one of the largest handmade products platforms of fashion accessories, bags, jewelry, home & décor, vintage products and much more.

6. Zibbet

Zibbet is a platform that is widely regarded as the platform for trading in fine art, vintage, classical, antique, handcrafted and handmade products only. Zibbet is a market of thousands of multiple creative products. Zibbet is the world of vintage, fine arts, craft supplies, homemade products that are there for the handmade products lovers only.

7. Made It Myself

Made It Myself allow you to sell and by a lot of handmade products including crafts, quilts, soaps, greeting cards, jewelry and various other types of stuff online. Made It Myself is one of the largest platforms of handmade products including clothing, home & décor, illustrations, ceramic & clay, furniture, glass item, handmade supplies, kids creation and much more.

8. Folksy

Folksy is one of the largest web-based platforms of modern British craft. A platform that is the home of almost 5,500 designers is offering the thousands of handmade and well-crafted products and items. Folksy is a great platform to explore to find the great things. Folksy is the market of accessories, metal works, glass works, wooden works, home ware, art, cards & stationery, weddings items, clothing & accessories, and much more.

9. Supermarket

Supermarket is yet another best platform for buying the handmade goods crafted by the professional designers and artists. Handmade shoes, gift cards,e ar rings, wooden items, metal products, creative glass products, fashionable, home & décor and much more are the part of Supermarket. Supermarket is a best handmade product market to explore.

10. Spoonflower

Spoonflower is one of the largest places of finding best products of the best designers of the world. Spoonflower is one of the best platforms that let the users find the on-demand products and sell them easily and conveniently. A lot of homemade and handcrafted products are the part of the market of the Spoonflower.

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