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Alexa is a platform that tells the web site owners and general users about the ranking of their website as compared to other websites available on the internet. It also provides the users some detail of the source of traffic and the keywords or articles on which traffic is coming more. Alexa is one of the best applications for getting the traffic stats of any websites, metrics, related links & content, online review and to some extent contact information as well. Alexa is an application that can be easily used for SEM and SEO purposes as well. Following are the best alternatives to Alexa.

1. SEO Monitor

SEO Monitor is for SEOs for measuring the strength and prediction of number of visitors on a website. It also tells the users about the Google Page Rank and Alexa ranking of a specific website. By using the SEO Monitor, users can easily measure and predict the traffic growth of a website in order to make the best decision at the right time.

Platform: Android

2. WebRank SEO

WebRank SEO is a website ranking application that lets the SEOs and general users to know about the real ranking of any website. By using this application, users can easily inquire about the Alexa Rank, Google Page Rank, and Compete Rank of any website for free. In addition to these services, it even informs the users about the backlinks and page indexed in search engines as well.

Platform: Android


SEO SERP APP is a rank tracker application that let the SEOs and web owners to know about the ranking of their website on Google and in compare to other websites. The users can also select for different version of Google according to countries to know about the ranking and stats of websites in that country. SEO SERP APP is a best application for SEO purposes.

Platform: Android

4. SEO SERP mojo

SEO SERP mojo is website rank tracking application for tracking the ranks of unlimited URLs. SEO SERP mojo lets its users to know about the position of any website for free. In addition to tracking the rank of a website, they can also track the keywords and can also view the history of keywords tracked. In short, SEO SERP mojo provides the full control over web rank tracking.

Platform: Android

5. SerpChimp SEO

SerpChimp SEO is a rank checker and SEO keyword checker application that lets the SEOs to easily check, visualize and track the websites and their position and rank on the search engines. It even enables the SEOs to check for the most important keywords that are being used in the real-time and then use that for their own website content promotion and web ranking.

Platform: Android | iOS

6. SEO Edge

SEO Edge is a search engine ranking application that makes it easy for the SEOs to check for the ranking of their websites and monitors its [position over the search engines. SEO Edge is an important application for search engine optimization purposes. By using the SEO Edge, the SEOS can come to know about the search engine page rank, Alexa Ranks, backlinks on search engines and much more.


7. Site Examiner

Site Examiner or Web Site Examiner is an application to analyze the web pages with the SEO tools of the Site Examiner. The analytics tools of Site Examiner can be used for checking the Alexa Rank, WHOIS info, Google Page Ranks and other social networking ranks and statistics. In addition to all these, you can even print the report in PDF file as well.

Platform: Android

8. Website Ranking

Website Ranking is a general purpose application for knowing about the ranking, traffic, review and statistics of any website just like Alexa where there is no restriction over examining of any website. Website Ranking lets the SEOs and general users to check for the Alexa Rank, Google Page Rank, IP address, most popular keywords, and statistics of any website.

Platform: Android

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