10 Apps like Facetune for Face Editing


Facetune is a face editing application that lets the users of the smartphone make their ugliest selfies look stunning and beautiful. Facetune offers those creating, editing tools and effect to the user that assist the users in creating their faces that look similar to the Hollywood heroes. Facetune is a powerful portrait and selfie photo editor. Following are the some best alternatives to Facetune.

1. InstaBeauty

InstaBeauty is one of the best alternatives to Retrica for Selfie if it is about editing the selfies and transforming them to the ugly one to the most beautiful one. InstaBeauty lets the users work on every inch of their faces and make it like as they want. The three main features of InstaBeauty are beauty camera, beauty collage, beauty video and quicksnap.

Platform: Android | iOS

2. Insta.Vogue Skin Makeup

Insta.Vogue Skin Makeup is for retouching your skin to remove wrinkles, and pimples to change it into the beautiful one. Insta.Vogue Skin Makeup is for making the best selfie for Instagram. The best about Insta.Vogue Skin Makeup is that it also integrates the some features of Facetune as well that make it the one of the best face editor application.


3. YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup is a virtual makeup studio for making the skin a flawless skin. YouCam Makeup lets the users edit their faces and hairstyle and give them an entirely new look. YouCam Makeup is one of the best digital makeovers. The advantages of using YouCam Makeup are real-time makeovers, flawless skin & face, dye the hair, change hairstyle, and much more.

Platform: Android | iOS

4. Pixtr

Pixtr is a face editor for correcting face imperfections easily and completely. Pixtr is basically an auto makeover, face retouch and makeup application that lets the users remove all type of imperfections from their faces. After editing your picture completely, you will be provided with the difference before and after editing and then post over social media channels.



FACIE is a powerful face editor and makeover that automatically correct the all kind of imperfections that it detects over the face of the user. Just use FACIE and start creating and sharing the best selfie of yours with your friends over social media platforms. There are intuitive and powerful filters and tools to design the selfies in the best way.


6. Visage Lab PRO HD

Visage Lab PRO HD is an application for photo retouch, skin editing and adding beauty to the faces. Visage Lab PRO HD is one of the best photo laboratories for editing your faces to remove any kind of imperfections. The stunning features available in Visage Lab PRO HD are automatic face retouch, eye makeup, red eye removal, color enhancement, teeth whitening, etc.

Platform: Android | iOS

7. Pimple Eraser

Pimple Eraser is a special application that is designed for removing pimple easily just like you are erasing with an eraser. Pimple Eraser lets the users to quickly and easily remove the pimples, moles, scars and other kinds of imperfections easily and effectively. The best about Pimple Eraser is that it removes the blemishes in a natural way.


8. GoSexy

GoSexy is an application for reshaping the face and body. GoSexy is just like photoshop in your smartphone for reshaping your face and body. GoSexy lets the users reshape their whole body either it is fitness, height, and much more. GoSexy is a unique way to alter the shape and get a natural and amazing look easily and fastly.

Platform: Android

9. Perfect365

Perfect365 is a set of digital makeup tools for reshaping your face and personality. Perfect365 lets the users edit their faces and bodies in such a way as they look similar to the model. Perfect365 is for sharing a stunning and beautiful selfies with others. The key features of Perfect365 are customizable tools, multiple styles, accurate results, etc.

Platform: Android | iOS

10. ModiFace Photo Editor

ModiFace Photo Editor is a virtual makeover, skin care and anti-aging application. ModiFace Photo Editor is for adding beauty to your faces so that you could share beautiful photos and selfies of yours with your friends over social media channels. ModiFace Photo Editor is for reshaping your face, enhance its beauty by simply applying the makeup tools.

Platform: Android | iOS

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