Top 10 Apps like Akinator


Akinator is a challenging game that finds out the character running in your mind. It actually asks the users to imagine and real or fictional character on his mind. It then asks the twenty questions and on the basis of the answers of that twenty question, it guesses the character running in the mind of player. It is really a mind blowing game. Here are the best alternatives to Akinator to thrill your mind.

1. Professor Q

Professor Q is a mind reading app that will read your mind in twenty minutes. Just like Akinator, it is also based on twenty questions. You have to choose any scene and then Professor Q will till you what is going on in your mind by asking twenty simple questions. You will remain stunned at the artificial intelligence of Professor Q when you will receive the right answer.

Platform: Android | iOS

2. Quizoid

Quizoid is a multiple choice question app that includes over 8,600 questions to increase the knowledge of the player. It asks question about art, literature, entertainment, science, space, chemistry, technology, astrology, celebrities, foods, politics, news, medical science, religion, sports and much more. Quizoid is a best way to enter in the world of challenges.

Platform: Android | iOS

3. Jeopardy

Jeopardy is a favorite quiz game in United States. Imagine you are sitting in a live quiz competition and have to answer simple question that are asked by the hosts in a complex way. The amazing thing about this app is that answers are provided first and then the contestants have to provide the questions. That is the complexity of that app.

Platform: Android | iOS | Windows Phone

4. The Amazing Mind Reader

The Amazing Mind Reader is a mind reading app that will guess what is going on in your mind. The Amazing Mind Reader is based on the myth of Egyptian mind reading tricks that will really blow your mind by its artificial intelligence. Don’t tell anyone and select any number or symbol and then then The Amazing Mind Reader will surprise you by guessing what was in your mind.

Platform: Android | iOS

5. Guess My Age

Guess My Age is a math magic game that will guess your exact age by asking simple questions. There will be only seven tables of numbers and you have to answer in yes or now and then at the last this app will surprised you by accurately telling your age. You will really enjoy the math magic of Guess My Age. The app will surprise you.


6. Amazing Mahjong

Amazing Mahjong is based on classical tips and tricks. The stunning graphics and music, mind blowing challenges, adventure and thrill of Amazing Mahjong will really captivate your for ling hours. Enter in the world of Amazing Mahjong and solve questions on boards to unlock the new challenging levels and boards.

Platform: Android | iOS | Windows Phone

7. MindReader

Next mind reading app MindReader is there to really thrill your mind. Process is very simple. You have to choose two digit numbers from 10 to 99 and then have to add them and then subtract the total from your original number and then remember your final answer. Now it is turn for MindReader how it will guess the number.


8. Mind Reader -Card Magic Trick

Mind Reader -Card magic Trick integrates the entertainment and challenges collectively to provide better tricks experience. Its process of mind reading starts from showing some card. You have to see those cards and remember one of the cards. After that asking few questions and some tricky method it will tell you which card is in your mind.

Platform: Android | iOS

9. Known – Instant Mind Reader

Known – Instant Mind Reader is also a mind reading app but is little different from above mentioned mind reading apps. It is like an entertaining app ion which you have to read the mind of other in a funny way. Known – Instant Mind Reader actually integrates with you mobile camera and then by taking the snaps of others you can read their mind by their face expressions.


10. Pocket Magic Tricks

Pocket Magic Tricks is a magic tricks and mind reading app at the same time. Instead of reading your own mind you can read out the mind of your friends and family members. The stunning functions of Pocket Magic Tricks are: card tricks, coins & jar tricks, coin mind reader to rad mind of others, prediction system and much more.

Platform: Android | iOS

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