Top 16 Best Apps like Xender


Xender is a file sharing and transferring application that lets the smartphone users to simply and fastly transfer the files from one mobile to another or from mobile to PC or PC to mobile. Xender is regarded as one of the best application for sharing the files in a faster speed than light. Xender lets the users transfer files of any type, documents, photos and much more between smartphones and other operating systems as well. Xender is one of the best alternatives to Zapya. Below are the one of the best alternatives to Xender.

1. QikShare

QikShare is an application for sharing files and data without having Wi-Fi and internet connection. No USB cable is required to share the files, contacts, pictures and much more by using the QikShare. Sharing pictures and videos is always possible by the QikShare. Just move to the share menu of the QikShare and then start sharing the data.

Platform: Android | iOS

2. FileExplorer

FileExplorer is a file manager and file sharing application that is integrated with the extra capabilities of networking, media platforms and rooting system. FileExplorer is an application that assists smartphone users on managing their files and data easily and effectively. Sharing and managing all type of content and files is easy and simple.


3. SHARE it

SHARE it is an application that connects the devices and then enable the users to send files. SHARE it lets the smartphone users to share data of all types including MS Office files, txt files, PDF files, HTML files, photos, music, videos and much more. There is no need of a cable for connection as the SHARE it works wirelessly to share files and data.

Platform: Android | iOS

4. Zapya

Zapya is one of the best file sharing and transferring app for smartphones that make them able to share files and data between multiple devices without going for paying any charges. Everything will be performed wirelessly by using the Zapya. Either it is NFC, USB cable, AirDrop or Bluetooth or any external cable is not required in case of using Zapya.

Platform: Android | iOS

5. iShare – Airdrop for Android

iShare – Airdrop for Android is a special application for the Android users and lets the Android users to simply and easily transfer files and other types of data. Everything that will be sending by using the iShare – Airdrop for Android will be at fast speed and the fact will be that it will never ask you for a 2G, 3G, 4G or other types of internet connection.

Platform: Android

6. iShare

Having iShare in the phone means having moving library in your phone. iShare lets the users only select a photo or file and then share it with other smartphone users. Don’t worry if you have no USB or other types of cable for making a connection. Transferring and sharing videos, audios, media files, PDF files, MS Office files, txt files or anything else is very easy and simple.


7. CM Transfer

CM Transfer is one of the fastest file sharing application that enables the smartphone users to send and share the contacts, apps, music, videos, movies, photos, games and much more to other smartphones and enjoy them on the other devices. The best about CM Transfer is that it almost support one dozen international languages for file sharing.

Platform: Android

8. Filedrop

Filedrop is known as paid and share application that allow the users to instantly discover the nearby phones and then send photos and files to that device after making a pair with them. Filedrop is one of the best applications for sharing files of all type and all sizes without paying for anything. Moreover, Filedrop is a multiplatform application.

Platform: Android | iOS

9. yooSEND

yooSEND is a platform that is used for sending large files and folders to smartphones. yooSEND it is easy for the users to send large files and manage then from the user-friendly environment of the yooSEND. Either it is about sharing and transferring photos, music, HD videos & movies, documents or anything else between smartphone & PC or vice versa, everything is possible by using yooSEND.

Platform: Android | iOS

10. FileApp

FileApp is basically a file manager and document reader by nature. However, it can also be used for sharing files and data between an iOS device, and iOS and other operating systems. This application lets the users send and share any type and size of file between iOS and other devices. It also enable the users to read PDF and MS Office documents as well.


11. File transfer by Infinit

File transfer by Infinit is among those applications that are expert in sending large files and make sure that these files must be delivering to the recipient in their original form. There is no restriction over the size of file. The main advantages of using File transfer by Infinit are no file limits, lightning speed, unstoppable, user-friendly, secure, and productive.

Platform: Android | iOS

12. WeTransfer

WeTransfer is also a file transfer and sharing application but the fact is that it is a cloud-based file transfer application that lets the users file of any size to their smartphones from their PC or to PC from their smartphones. It is like a moving library with you from where you can access your important files and other types of data easily and securely.

Platform: Android | iOS

13. AT&T Mobile Transfer

AT&T Mobile Transfer is a multiplatform sharing and transferring application that lets the smartphone users of almost all operating systems to share the files, videos, music, photos, emails, contacts, messages and much more among them. The best about AT&T Mobile Transfer is that it can be used as a means for making the backup of your data and everything will be done without a USB cable or Bluetooth.

Platform: Android | iOS | Windows Phone

14. Koofr

Koofr is an application that works as a channel of communication between different operating systems and then lets the users to easily share the files and data. One of the best features of Koofr is its integration with popular cloud storage platforms where the data of users will be uploaded automatically and in that’s why an arrangement of backup of data will be also made by the Koofr.

Platform: Android | iOS | Windows Phone

15. PhotoSync

The name is showing that PhotoSync will be only a photo sharing and transferring application, but the reality is that PhotoSync can transfer video files and other data in addition to simply transferring photos. PhotoSync is a wireless means for sharing photos and video files among different operating systems from PC to mobiles. PhotoSync also works as a making backup of data as well.

Platform: Android | iOS

16. Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is a multiplatform application for freely transferring photos, music, videos, movies, files, emails, contacts, etc. There is no restriction over the size of file and type of file. The users of Send Anywhere are allowed to transfer as many files as they want without worrying for the time limit. Send Anywhere lets the users transfer data between various devices easily and securely.

Platform: Android | iOS | Windows Phone

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