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10 Apps like AudioTube – Free Music Player


AudioTube is a music app for artist, labels and publishers. This app allows the music lovers to store and manage their tracks. The musicians can promote, monetize and track their music and music videos by using the AudioTube. The other best thing about AudioTube is that it also works as a content manager for them that means distribution to monetization …

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15 Apps like MightyText

15 Apps-like-MightyText MAL

MightyText is a remote texting application that lets the users text and send messages or SMSs from their computer synchronized with Android handset and number. MightyText lets the users send and receive unlimited SMS and MMS either from their computer or tablet or both by using their Android smartphone and number. Moreover, the messages sent stay in synchronized within the …

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10 Apps like Khan Academy for Online Courses


Khan Academy is a learning platform where the users can learn all type of courses. Khan Academy application is for those who wants to learn various courses by sitting at home. Either it is about math, science, economics & finance, computing, test preparation, talks & interview, medical & health or another course, Khan Academy is a learning platform that deals …

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25 Apps like Bitly URL Shortener


Instead of sending long URLs to the other persons or your website users, it is important to use short URLs. It is no more difficult to maintain the length of URL. Bitly is such type of URL Shortener application that lets the users minimize the length of URL to enhance its power. A short URL work hundred times better than …

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25 Sites like Taboola Alternatives


Taboola is made for handling the site visitors and well- known tool for publishers to making money from native advertising. Taboola is quality content promotion solution for websites and also blogs. The most of websites with large website traffic like BBC, Boston Globe and USA Today using Taboola to making money more. However, Taboola is not the just a content …

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14 Apps like Omni Swipe for Android


Lazy Swipe that was formerly known as Omni Swipe is an application that lets the users to easily access the data that they have to access from the menus or short keys. It actually displays the apps, contacts, settings, notifications, and other favorite data of the users on the main screen and enables them to access anything they want easily …

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10 Apps like Afterlight for Photo Editing


Afterlight is one of the best and perfect photo editing application for totally reshaping the photo from ordinary to a stunning one. The best functions and features of Afterlight are that it is fully adjustable, customizable, and enables the users to manually craft each and every photo. Next there are over seventy eight natural textures that are really organic and …

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10 Music Apps like Songza


Songza is an app for streaming great music that has been curated by the great music experts around the globe. The best about Songza is that it always comes with great and fresh music. For example now a day you can explore here the best and original songs of the 2015 Oscars. For its features and functions, Songza can be …

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