12 Similar Apps like Video Star


Video Star is an entertaining application that lets the users create stunning music videos. Video Star can also be used for making even dubmashes as well. Video Star is integrated with a lot of designing and effects tools that lets the users create stunning music videos. The process of making music videos by using the Video Star is very simple. Users are required to select the song from their library and then start the shooting instantly. It is one of the best alternatives to Dubsmash. However, Video Star is not the application for creating music videos. Here is the list of alternatives to Video Star.

1. VideoFX Live

VideoFX Live is a great video editing application that lets the users to create stunning and amazing videos by using the effects of VideoFX Live. VideoFX Live is such an application that lets the users add the beauty in their simple and ordinary videos and make it thousand times better than the original one. The recording system of VideoFX Live is also very advance.


2. musical.ly

musical.ly is an instant music video application that let the users to easily create and share the music based videos with their friends. There are millions of tracks available in the musical.ly that lets the users apply them on any video and then share with the others. In addition to selecting from the catalog of the musical.ly, users can also select their own music to add it on videos.

Platform: Android | iOS

3. Dubsmash

Dubsmash is an application that is specially designed for creating the amazing and funny dubmashes. Users are required to select the music or dialog of any one and then overwrite it over their own videos and then share over the social media platforms with the friends. It is very easy to send dubbed videos after creating with Dubsmash.

Platform: Android | iOS

4. Dubview

Dubview is one of the best alternatives to Dubmash. It lets the users create Dubmash for Instagram and other social media platforms. Adding favorite music or dialog over the own video is very simple by using the Dubview. The stunning features of Dubview are the availability of unlimited Dubmash videos, create own Dubmash videos and much more are the part of this funny entertaining application.


5. Triller

Triller is a music video making application that lets the users add their favorite songs own their videos within few minutes. With the tap of a start button, Triller’s users can easily create the music videos of high quality as they see the videos of their favorite celebrities. Just select a song then capture a single video or multiple videos, apply the song, edit the video and here you go to enjoy the video.


6. DUB STARS Lipdub Video

DUB STARS Lipdub Video is just like Dubmash and Dubview for creating the music videos. The video will be of yours and the voice over it will be of your favorite celebrity. It actually works on the basis of recording the people lip and then lets the users dub it over their own video to make it original. DUB STARS Lipdub Video is a great application for creating music video and Dubmashes.


7. Lomotif

Lomotif is not as greater as compared to the other applications but it still offers the users to create short length music videos for almost all social media platforms including Vine, Twitter, Facebook and many others. Users are only required to select a music from their music library then record a short video and apply the music over that video.


8. Dubself

Dubself is an application for creating music videos and Dubmashes. Creating short dubbed videos by using the Dubself is very simple and easy and then sharing it with others is also very simple. Dubself is the platform of unlimited dubbed videos as well to give you an idea of creating Dubmashes. Within two taps, users can create a best Dubmash.

Platform: Android | iOS

9. Dubshoot

Dubshoot is an entertainment application for making music and selfie videos. Dubshoot lets the users record either their own voiced videos or select from the best Bollywood dialogues available in its catalog and then after recording the video, apply the selected dialogue over the video and then share it with the friends over social media platforms.

Platform: Android | iOS

10. Velfie

Velfie is one of the best selfie and music video creating application that lets the users to add any music on any videos and surprise the friends. Velfie is the platform of best dialogue, quotes, and songs that the users can apply on their own record videos. In addition to selecting music from the library of Velfie, users can also apply their own favorite music as well.

Platform: Android | iOS

11. VivaVideo

VivaVideo is basically a video editor but also work as selfie maker and making music videos on users’ request. VivaVideo lets the users to easily make either slideshow, selfies or even music based videos. VivaVideo is integrated with top rated effects and designs features that let the user create the videos in a style that thinks suitable.

Platform: Android | iOS

12. Replay Video Editor

Replay Video Editor is another powerful application for adding music over photos and videos. Replay Video Editor is a brand new way for giving life your photos and dull videos by using the transitions, music and effects features of the Replay Video Editor. Replay Video Editor lets the users to easily create those music videos that they like most.


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