13 Similar Apps like Google Earth


Google Earth is a map and geographical information telling application that provides the users with an aerial photograph, satellite images, and much more on a 3D globe. The list of features in Google Earth includes a flight simulator, sky mode, street view, water & ocean view, historical images, some images of planets including Mars, Moon, liquid galaxy and much more. Today Google Earth is a large source of viewing satellite-based maps and images. Here are the alternatives to Google Earth.

1. HERE Maps

HERE Maps is an offline maps and navigation service that assists the users in finding the exact location in real-time. HERE Maps is an application that can be used for all means either getting information in case of walking or driving or about public transit. HERE Maps lets the users easily and instantly search for the directions, addresses and places and get there easily.

Platform: Android | iOS

2. Yandex.Maps

Yandex.Maps is an application that contains the detailed map of the world and of almost all countries that are there across the globe. Yandex.Maps is suggested application as a means for the business directory. Yandex.Maps display the routes to users on demand in case of automobiles, walking and public transport. It even tells about the traffic situation. Yandex.Maps is available for almost 200 cities of the world.

Platform: Android | iOS | Windows Phone

3. 2GIS

The services of 2GIS are restricted for some areas of United Arab Emirates. 2GIS is one of the best mapping application for those who are living in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi and other areas of UAE. It is also useful for those who are planning to visit these places. 2GIS is an all in one business directory that contains the information about each and every place of UAE.

Platform: Android | iOS | Windows Phone | Balckberry

4. PROGOROD navigator

PROGOROD navigator is an offline map and navigation application for those especially living in Russia. Although the mapping services of PROGOROD navigator are also available in some other countries as well. The best about PROGOROD navigator is that it doesn’t require an internet connection so PROGOROD navigator can be easily used in case of not having an internet connection.

Platform: Android | iOS

5. Waze – GPS, Maps & Traffic

Waze – GPS, Maps & Traffic is a GPS, maps, traffic and navigation application for the smartphone users to know the path of an address. Waze – GPS, Maps & Traffic is basically a traffic and navigation application that lets the drivers know about the traffic situation on a specific route in real time so that they can save their time in case of the traffic jam by diverting the route.

Platform: Android | iOS | Windows Phone

6. MapQuest

MapQuest is a map and navigation application for those who dislikes wasting time in traffic. It is an application that lets the users find a route from one address to other address. In addition to navigation, live traffic and mapping system, other services being offered by the MapQuest are find a filling station nearby, book a car from nearby rent service and much more.

Platform: Android | iOS | Windows Phone

7. Google Maps

Google Maps is the mapping service of Google just like Google Earth. Google Maps is a navigation mapping application for almost all smartphone and lets the users find easily the address of a place and make a path towards that by giving the present location. Other features of Google Maps are live traffic, distance, accurate maps, information about 100 million places, etc.

Platform: Android | iOS | Windows Phone

8. GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic

GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic is an offline mapping service that requires no internet connection to operate. Navigation and maps system are already installed in this application so that the user can enjoy easily free maps, GPS, navigation, route planning and much more. There is also a system of voice navigation in the GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic.

Platform: Android | iOS

9. MAPS.ME – GPS Navigation & Map

MAPS.ME – GPS Navigation & Map contains the detailed offline maps of the world and lets the users know about a place of any country and any place right from their smartphones in the shape of application. MAPS.ME – GPS Navigation & Map is not such type of application that deals in large cities only, instead, MAPS.ME – GPS Navigation & Map has the solution for even smallest villages as well.

Platform: Android | iOS

10. MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps

MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps is a turn-by-turn GPS navigation system that presents a detailed information about a specific area searched by the users. The features available in MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps are voice guidance system, route planning, maps in 2D & 3D models, easy to use interface, maps according to situation and timing, maps for driving, etc.

Platform: Android

11. CoPilot GPS

CoPilot GPS is a traffic solution for business class. CoPilot GPS is like your own personal navigation and mapping system on the busy routes. CoPilot GPS provides the offline navigation, live traffic, street maps, and much more even with voice guidance as well. Most of the maps and navigations features available in CoPilot GPS are in 3D format that makes the mapping and navigation system easy and simple.

Platform: Android | iOS | Windows Phone

12. Galileo Offline Maps

Galileo Offline Maps is a reliable and easy to use offline mapping application for the smartphone that provides the users with detailed maps and navigation solution. The maps presents by Galileo Offline Maps are based on vector-based maps system that lets the users to even download them in an offline mode. Galileo Offline Maps is one of the best maps and navigation applications.

Platform: Android | iOS

13. Offline maps & Navigation

Offline maps & Navigation is yet another professional and powerful offline map application that presents the detailed maps of any location. The benefits of using the Offline maps & Navigation are offline GPS navigation system, speed limit warnings, live traffic, lane guidance, free map updates, night mode, track recording and lot of other functions and features.

Platform: Android

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