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iFile is a file manager application for iOS devices that lets the users manage the files in their iOS devices. In addition to managing files, iFile is also used for email, edit, cut, copy, paste, delete, view, rename, compress and transfer files. Some features of iFile are integrated file browsers with various functioning features, up to 8 file browser tabs, fill integration of Dropbox and much more. iFile is one of the best alternatives to iFunbox. Following are the best alternatives to iFile.

1. Filza

Filza is a powerful and professional file manager for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch. Filza lets the iOS users to explore the files and folders with a list or grid view. They can explore the functions of text editor, hex editor, plist editor and media player as well. Moreover, the inclusion of Air Browser in Filza has made the sharing between device and PC easy too.

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2. FileBrowser

FileBrowser is an original and the best one viewer and file manager application for iOS devices. By using the FileBrowser, iOS users can perform multiple functions ranges from view, edit, copy and paste to stream, download, and manage files between PCs, NAS servers and cloud storage. FileBrowser is an all-in-one application that requires no other application to operate.


3. iFunbox

iFunbox is an app and file management application for iDevices. Now the iFunbox is also available for Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. After installing the iFunbox, iOS users can install iOS apps from unsigned or customized IPA package. iFunbox lets the users manage files in App sandbox for saved games, chat histories and import and export media files as well.

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4. FileExplorer

FileExplorer is another user-friendly yet powerful file management application that let the users access their files on PC, Mac OS X or Linux based operating system, cloud storage, NAS server from their iPhone or iPod. FileExplorer enables the users to stream movies and music directly to iOS devices and directly view and manage the media files as well.


5. iExplorer

iExplorer is an ultimate file management application that enables the iDevice users to access everything on their iDevices. The good news is that iExplorer is fully compatible with the latest version and model of iOS and iPhone. Moreover, iExplorer is compatible with Mac OS X and Windows 10 as well. Music transfer, disk mode & file access, notes & call history and many other functions become easy after the release of iExplorer.

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6. DS file

DS file is a file management application for smartphones. DS file is a file management application for managing files stored on the DiskStation. DS file lets the users upload or download the files between NAS server and the iDevice and perform other types of basic editing tasks as well. In addition to file management, browsing, watching and checking systems are also available in DS file.

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7. Here, File File!

Here, File File! Is a file management application for iPhone that lets the iPhone users to access their Mac HDD from any model of iPhone. Here, File File! let’s the users access single file to the entire folder easily and instantly. Here, File File! is one of the best application for managing files and accessing files between Mac OS X and iPhone.

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8. File Manager

File Manager is a file management application for your iOS devices. The best feature of File Manager is that in addition to file manager, it also works as a virtual USB drive for iOS devices. File Manager lets the users to easily and instantly manage their images, media files including audio, videos, PDF documents, MS Office files and much more stuff for free.


9. Documents by Readdle

Documents by Readdle is one of the best file manager application for iOS smartphones. Documents by Readdle works as a documents viewer and also a media player. Documents by Readdle is a free documents viewer and manager. Documents by Readdle lets its users open and view all formats of documents and media files quickly and instantly.

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10. FileMaster

FileMaster is a file manager and file protection application. The best about FileMaster is that in addition to working as file view and file manager, it works as a media player, text editor, Wi-Fi drive and much more. FileMaster lets the iOS users to transfer their files of all type from their computer on their devices and share with other friends as well.


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