15 Sites like PayPal for Online Payments


PayPal is an American based online payment system that is operating for the purpose of online money transfer across the world. PayPal was launched with an aim to replace the traditional means of money transferring like money orders and checks. It is currently the largest internet based money transferors in the world. PayPal is currently operating in almost 200 countries the world and is dealing of transferring money in almost 30 currencies of the world. PayPal is one of the best alternatives to Western Union. If you are looking for the alternatives to PayPal then below are the best alternatives sites like PayPal.

1. Western Union

Western Union is among the global leading money transfers of the world. Western Union has deployed the advanced protection system of transferring money from one part of the world to other one. Mostly Western Union is used for international money transfer purpose. Western Union has several money transfer system and all are for business, commercial and individual purposes.

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2. Google Wallet

Google Wallet is a payment system by the Google Inc. Google Wallet is regarded as the secure means for sending and receiving money to and from family and friends. Most of the services of the Google Wallet are for the United States residents only, however, now it has started to extend its services to other countries easily. Use an email ID or phone number to transfer money.

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3. MoneyGram

MoneyGram is an American based online money transferring company that has number of local and regional locations across the globe. Sending and receiving money from the platform of MoneyGram is very easy and simple. MoneyGram is offering its services to entire United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France and some Asian countries.

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4. Payza

Payza is an all in one online money transfer service for sending and receiving money. The financial services of Payza are not limited to sending and receiving money only. Payza can be used as a means for shopping and making payments. Payza can also be used for selling and managing the business for the purpose of receiving money from the buyers.

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5. Payoneer

Payoneer is an international online ecommerce and money transfer service that deals in sending and receiving money across the globe. Payoneer is one of the best sources of money transfer for those who are regulating a business in various part of the world and have to collect the payments from the customers and buyers. Most of the freelancers also preferred the Payoneer for accepting payments.

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6. TransferWise

TransferWise is an international money transfer that lets the willing sender to send the money across the globe. The best system of TransferWise is its currency acceptance system. TransferWise lets the sender to send money in almost 300 countries of the world. The other thing about TransferWise is that it also allows the sender to send money in one currency that will be received by the receiver in other currency.

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7. WePay

WePay is an online payment solution service provider that mainly focuses on transferring the money for business purposes. Most of the services being offered by the WePay are for enterprises. WePay is an online money transfer provider for small business. WePay is one of the best online platforms for sending and receiving money.

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8. Ria Money Transfer

Ria Money Transfer is an online money remittance platform for sending and receiving money across various countries. Ria Money Transfer is regarded as the one of the largest money transfer companies across the globe. Ria Money Transfer lets the willing sender to send money through their bank account, debit cards and by other means.

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9. Skrill

Skrill is an online payment and money transfer service that is best for small and large entrepreneurs. Skrill make it easy for the users of all type to control their online payment and money transfer by creating a single account for all purposes. There are no charges for creating an account it is totally free. Skrill is a platform for transferring money from the internet.

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10. Amazon Payments

Amazon Payments is the online payment system being regulated by the Amazon.com. Amazon Payments is a best platform for making online transactions and payments. Amazon Payments lets the users to transfer the money to their friends and family members or use it for making online payments like in case of shopping form the Amazon Store.

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11. 2Checkout

2Checkout is an online payment processing platform that accepts the payment across the globe. 2Checkout lets the users to send money by using their credit cards, debit cards and even the PayPal accounts. 2Checkout is mostly used as a means for receiving money by the sellers who have to deal with international customers.

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12. Dwolla

Dwolla is an online payment and mobile payment solution for sending and receiving money in real time. Dwolla is the largest network of money transferring that remains in connect with the banks and credit unions to provide a safe and secure account and money transfer. Dwolla is a great platform for money transfer for those who wants to send and receive money in real-time.

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13. Xoom

Xoom is another secure and easiest way to sending and receiving money in almost 30 countries of the world. The unique system of Xoom is that in addition to sending and receiving money, it also deals in reloading phones and paying bills. Moreover, the service charges of Xoom are also reasonable as compared to the other online money transferring services.

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14. Apple Pay

Although not as big and effective as PayPal, yet Apple Pay is also a best source of sending and receiving money. Apple Pay can be said as one of the best alternatives to Google Wallet as it is also just like Google Wallet. However, it can be access from the iOS devices of iPhone 6 and higher only and moreover; areas of USA are covered only by the Apple Pay.

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15. Nochex

Nochex is an effective and easy-to-use payment system for sending and receiving money. Nochex is the best solution for small business that has to deal with customers across the world. Its payment service is not available in every country but where it is operating, it is doing well. Only an account is required to make transactions through Nochex.

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