13 Apps like Six Billion Secrets

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Everyone in the world has a secret so tell what is yours. If you don’t wanna share it directly with us then here is a special application where you can go to tell about your secret that you never told anyone. It is not a place only for sharing the secret. Basically, it is a social platform where people share their hopes, wishes, fears, and dreams in a non-judgmental. Then the other reads read that material and give their non-judgmental opinion. In that’s why the person sharing his point of view gets an opinion from thousands of people across the world. The name Six Billion Secrets also stand for a place that is the platform of billions of secrets. Here are the best alternatives to Six Billion Secrets.

1. Counsel – Real time advice

Counsel – Real time advice is a platform for getting the real advice. Based on the artificial intelligence system that is created by the real humans and integrated with a level of thinking like a man. Counsel – Real time advice is a social application where the users are required to submit their questions or problems and in result they will get the unbiased opinions and advice.

Platform: Android

2. Secret – Anonymous community for secrets sharing

Secret – Anonymous community for secrets sharing is completely an anonymous secret sharing platform where everyone share their secrets that they hesitate to share openly over social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or rest overs. Everything posted in Secret – Anonymous community for secrets sharing will be restricted to its users only.


3. Confess – Share Secrets

Integrated with the opinions and advises of the statesman, politicians, businessman and others, Confess – Share Secrets is one of the best secret sharing application to get the real advice by the real human. It is a nice platform to share your secrets, regretting and getting the interesting response and advice over it. Use Confess – Share Secrets for admitting everything.

Platform: Android

4. My Diary

Sharing everything over the web or across the social media platform is something different but keeping your secrets and feelings with yourself is another matter. Most of the people in the world like to keep their secrets and feelings with them till their entire life. My Diary is an application that lets the users keep their secrets and feelings in a private place that will be accessed by them only.

Platform: Android | iOS

5. HSMC Secrets

HSMC Secrets is another anonymous application where you can move to share your secrets or make confession to feel light and to get the real opinion from the real experts of that situation. HSMC Secrets never share the posts of any users over the social media platform to make it more public unless first it confirm it by the users who posted it.

Platform: Android

6. Secrets – Ooh!

Secrets – Ooh! is a place that is specially created for welcoming the secrets of its users. In addition to telling the secrets and confessing, Secrets – Ooh! can also be used as a platform for sharing interest and feelings and asking the question from the other participants, Secrets – Ooh! lets the users to anonymously connect with other people that are either living near them or in another part of the world.

Platform: Android | iOS

7. After School

After School is a funny confession and secret telling app to make confessions, post funny experiences and many more feelings for free. After School lets the users share their ideas and experiences and get opinions from the experts over the school issues or on other matters that are increasing the stress level in you and get improved opinions and suggestions from the experts.

Platform: Android | iOS

8. Five Secrets

Five Secrets is another secret telling application that lets the users post their secret at an anonymous platform. It is one of the best platforms for securely posting the secrets and sharing with rest of the world. All the secret posted by the users can be read at the official website of the Five Secrets as well. Five Secrets is a best secret telling and sharing platform.

Platform: Android

9. PostSecret

PostSecret is little different from the others secret telling applications. It is an application where you read about the reality behind most interesting secrets of the world. Here instead of sharing your secrets, you read the stories and mysteries behind the secret of others. PostSecret is a best of adventure to get into the world of project and knowing about their reality in detail.


10. PS Secrets

The system if posting secret by using the PS Secrets is entirely unique and stylish one. Those who wants to share their secrets or want to make a confession are required to select a postcard and post their secrets, confessions and other types of feelings and then share them with others or publish them over the official website of the PS Secrets.

Platform: Android

11. Quora

Quora is the best place where you find the problem of almost any of your question. If you have any secret, hope, dream or desire to tell and you want to get an opinion over this then here is the Quora where you can move to explore the ideas and opinion of others. Just submit a question and in response get a dozen of great and best real answers.

Platform: Android | iOS

12. Whisper

Whisper is an application where you express yourself by sharing your hopes, dreams, ideas and opinions. Tell the people openly what you are thinking, what are your secret and share all these real thoughts with the people across the world using Whisper. Whisper is a social media platform and secret and idea-sharing application at the same time.

Platform: Android | iOS

13. LegaTalk – Anonymous Talk

LegaTalk – Anonymous Talk is for openly and anonymously talking about anything that you like to share. It is an application that lets the users express their self openly to release their internal hostile feelings. It is a place for speaking from the heart and what it is in your mind without showing your real identity. You can express yourself by images as well.

Platform: Android | iOS

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