Top 10 Home Automation Apps like Home Remote


Home Remote is an application for smartphone that enables the users to control their homes via smartphones. It allows the users to set short instructions in their smartphone and control their home from Home Remote. The instructions include: study bright/medium/dim/off, living dim/off/bright/ medium, bed dim/medium/bright/off and many more. Home Remote works with the appliances of Limitless LED, WeMo, Milight, Insteon and many other major brands. Here are the best alternatives to Home Remote for home automation.

1. iRule

iRule is for controlling the home theater and other digital media. It is like a remote control for your home theater. The customizable features of iRule makes it easy for the users to tune it as per their own requirements. User can add their own images, can share devices, panel layouts, and many more. iRule is best for controlling living room TV to home theater.

Platform: Android | iOS

2. SmartThings

SmartThings is an all-in-one system that allows you to control and monitor the every part of your home from anywhere. The functions of SmartThings are: get notification when anyone enter in your premises either it is a car, pet or people, know about the movement of doors, cupboard, locker, drawers in case of open and close, turn on/off light and TV and many more.

Platform: Android | iOS | Windows Phone

3. WeMo

WeMo is for controlling the all products of WeMo that are installed in your home. WeMo deals in LED lighting, tunable starter, flex RGBW starter set, WeMo Maker, insight switch, light switch, cooker, coffeemaker, humidifier, and many more. WeMo is for controlling your home in a smarter way and reducing the expenses.

Platform: Android | iOS

4. Easydom Next

Easydom Next is for managing your home intelligently. The latest system of Easydom Next allows the users to mange and monitor every audio, video and consumption system if their homes. Easydom Next is for managing and monitoring lighting & electrical appliances, set alarms, motorizations, thermostat, scenarios, security cameras, etc.

PlatformiOS | Windows Phone

5. Verisure

Verisure is for equipment of Verisure. Verisure provides a best system that is available for fourteen countries of the world. By using Verisure, users of Verisure appliances can monitor and control the AC, door locks, lockers, TVs, switches, lights, and many more. By using Verisure, users can know about the door situation, kitchen light, timing of light consumption, etc.

Platform: Android | iOS | Windows Phone

6. Icontrol Networks

Icontrol Networks is a smart solution for home automation that is designed by the popular security companies of the world. Icontrol Networks is for monitoring and controlling the security system & connectivity state, arm and disarm the system, individual states regarding open, closed, temperature, viewing of live cameras, etc.

Platform: Android | iOS | Windows Phone

7. LightwaveRF

LightwaveRF is one of the best building management system that enables you to control your entire home by using the smart technology of LightwaveRF. Use LightwaveRF and change your home with a smart phone where everything can be controlled and monitored from the smartphone. Whether it is lounge, dining room, hall, kitchen, outside garden, main bedroom, kids’ bedroom or spare bedroom, LightwaveRF can manager all.

Platform: Android | iOS | Windows Phone

8. Insteon for Hub

Insteon for Hub is an all-in-one remote control for controlling your home. Insteon for Hub is a simple and easy-to-use system that makes the connection between your home and smartphones or tablets and make you able to control from smartphones or tablets. Use for Hub for controlling Insteon light bulbs, wall switches, outlets, door, windows, water leak, and many more remotely.

Platform: Android | iOS | Windows Phone

9. Control4

Control4 is a home remote application that turns the iOS and Android into a remote control and home command center. It directly connects the all of your home appliances including lights, thermostat, security cameras, audio & video equipment, door, lockers and many more. Control4 is a grate home automation for monitoring the activates going on in your home.

Platform: Android | iOS

10. ADT Pulse

ADT Pulse is a home automation for enhancing home security system. It is for controlling appliances and lighting system of your home. The other functions and features of ADT Pulse, lock and unlock doors, control customized modes, arm & disarm system, get security notifications & alerts, remote temperature control, monitor security cameras, garage door control, fire & smoking monitoring, etc.

Platform: Android | iOS

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